53. I Spent all Day in the Office…

Roberto Cavalli53. I spent all day in the office after a long absence away from it I enjoyed the warmth of my staff at seeing me again… their affection… eyes sometimes speak louder than words!

Tough day in the style office… Just Cavalli… men’s collection… just a visual inspection. In the coming days I will have to investigate and check that the Cavalli style is well represented in each item for each line that bears my name!

I try to leave a bit earlier than usual… a first spring sunshine, sweet as the scent of almond blossoms, warms Florence. It accentuates the colors of this city in a way that does not feel real… it looks like a work of an impressionist painter…

I’m driving my little Smart car that spots the same color used for my boat and helicopter – a color that changes according to the reflections of the sun! From fuchsia to turquoise to a dark blue!

I am driving on the Lungarni, the road that runs alongside the Arno River, which flows through Florence. To my left the fascinating historic buildings seem to flow past me, to my right the Piazzale Michelangelo, the most famous observation view point in Florence!

Firenze from Michelangelo square
Parking next to my shop… a corner in the middle of Via Tornabuoni… the heart of fashion… the most beautiful boutiques in Florence! Inside my boutique I host a small bar, the Caffé Giacosa, a club with a big name, one associated with the history of Florence from the late nineteenth century.
The famous Negroni cocktail was created at the Caffé Giacosa in the late twenties. The Caffè Giacosa is the best patisserie in town. For several years has been an integral part of my shop and fits my fashion perfectly!

Caffe Giacosa
I sit at one of its few sidewalk tables. My son Daniele is enjoying the last rays of sun while enjoying an aperitif with friends. He comes over to hug me with love …

I look at the Palazzo Strozzi that gradually hides in the shadows of the night … Florence, what a special city… I have breathed this art and culture since I was born …

It would take 10,000 articles on the blog to describe Florence… I have tried to convey my love and some small sensations…


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    io ho schelto i cioccolatini nella scatola zebrata:))))

    sono stata a Fireze tre volte… e ancora non ho visto gli Uffizi!!! e neanché il Caffé Giacosa! Percio un giorno torneró, lo prometto:))))

  2. Zorzi Annalisa
    Zorzi Annalisa says:

    Sempre bellissimo leggerti,…. Raccontaci un po’ anche delle tue frivolezze … Tipo il tuo parrucchiere? Il tuo bar paesano ecc… Preferito,,, vediamo come riesci a farci sognare anche con le frivolezze

  3. Marta Cavalli Cavichioli
    Marta Cavalli Cavichioli says:


  4. Helena
    Helena says:

    I spent time in Florence, tanti anni fa. I think often of visiting again, and bringing my son to experience all the beauty and wonder that I remember so fondly.

  5. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    E’ vero ci vorrebbero mille articoli di Blog per descrivere la nostra splendida Firenze….e non basterebbero!
    Certo è singolare….chi vive a Firenze se guarda l’ultima volta che ha veramente “visitato” la città dove abita, di quando ha fatto il “turista”…..il ricordo ritorna a anni addietro.
    Dovremmo prenderci più tempo a fare una visita mensile in centro e nei vari musei…una bella carica di arte ed energia Posiitiva!
    Un Abbraccio 🙂


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    Safwan zaid says:

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  8. manuel
    manuel says:

    Te admiro admiro tu trabajo tu talento, sobre todo me trasmitis una gran calidad de persona , gracias por dar felicidad , te quiero . Manuel Rivero

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