46. Good Morning Everybody…!

Roberto Cavalli @ Franck Muller

Roberto Cavalli @ Franck Muller

46. Good Morning Everybody…!

It’s hard to get up early when you’re not used to it. I cannot fall asleep before two or three o clock in the morning. I always have something to do and the time goes by.

Everything fast… already late… time for coffee on the fly… a wave to Lupo… ride to the airport… my pilot is waiting for me… we cannot delay our flight departure slot… off to Geneva!

Just over thirty minutes of flight … Franck Muller’s Rolls is waiting for me… Franck Muller is one of the most prestigious brands of watches. The fashion house Cavalli has signed a licensing contract for the realization and distribution of watches for men and women.

Prestige watches made in the true Swiss Made tradition designed by me, Roberto Cavalli!
It has been a very satisfactory agreement… I am a small collector of fine watches antique and otherwise and therefore able to judge and advise the designers and experts of the house of Franck Muller!
Franck Muller
Not easy for me to describe the place where they make the wonderful Franck Muller watches – many buildings of different sizes with sloping roofs in the Helvetic, classic style, perfect in taste and hospitality.

In each of these buildings takes place the meticulous construction and assembly of each and every part… I visit them with great pleasure and attention to every department… incredibly charming…
Some of the watches are made of more than two thousand small items… The house of Franck Miller is one of the few, perhaps the only one that makes every little piece from steel or solid gold, including the tiny screws that hold each item!

I hope this description is of interest to you. It fascinates me. I am trying to convey my enthusiasm for such masterful craftsmanship!
I now have a much greater appreciation for the watch I am now wearing! It has a greater personal value for me.

We are gathered in one of their beautiful offices and I am being shown some embodiments of our ideas, the results of previous meetings.
I was especially pleased with these initial samples.
From the beginning it has not been easy for me to convey exactly my desires and the styles of the timepieces that will carry my name.

Prestigious watches of great quality, steel, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, embellished with diamonds. The special made more special like the clothes I design!
“I am very pleased, WELL DONE!” With these words we parted. At five o’clock I was back in Milan.

It has been a good day for me. I created and I helped create.

Un bacino grande

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Ciao Roberto!!!
    Pure in Svizzera, la patria degli orologi, hai lasciato il tuo indelebile segno!! Che ganzo che sei!! 🙂
    Mi ha colpito particolarmente questa tua frase:
    “Sono soddisfatto… ho creato ed ho aiutato a creare”
    E’ verissima! Uno quando crea fà la cosa più bella di questo universo…sì!!!
    Senza nessuna creazione, non ci sarebbe nulla, e senza nessuno che aiutasse altri a creare non esisterebbe la civiltà…..
    Via, tù sei sempre il numero uno… 🙂

    Un Abbraccio forte!!


  2. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    Che meraviglia deve essere poter creare ogni giorno! E creare tante cose diverse fra loro ma poter utilizzare in ognuna la propria personalità, la propria impronta non ha prezzo!

  3. Harpo
    Harpo says:

    Your ideas for watches are quite remarkable. I prefer doing/designing myself because normally I can tell an individual an idea but the image in my mind does not match what others be projecting. Even the tiniest I get certain inspiration from my environment, the people around me, culture, etc. I just feed off LIFE and maintain a positive outlook but never overlook the negative something sort of like a double edge sword. But at the same time I look at world through color and sound rather than societies norms. Other than that it is just a BLESSING to be gifted and be able to see, comprehend, and create what other could not even begin to grasp. Sometimes I look at others and ask myself are we from the same planet LOL!! Being able to keep yourself entertained is also a gift. If you keep close to the Book of Instruction Before you Leave Earth then everything “oughta” {Southern dialect- ought to] run smooth. I AM A SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN #HARPO #Mississippi

  4. Frøydis gambino
    Frøydis gambino says:

    Buongirono, che bello oggi, sono stato a Londra da 3 giorni .Ho visto le tue belle creazioni ,bellissime colori davvero.Ho anche comprato il tuo nuovo profumo.In tutto e stato bello spero che il tuo progetto orologie va bene.Buon lavora ancora Saluti Frøydis

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