143. My First Collection with Diamonds…

Roberto Cavalli143. My First Collection with Diamonds…

I refer to my first collection of high quality watches manufactured in the wonderful Franck Muller atelier.

I should have dared and given more space to the Cavalli animal print logo and pushed my thinking: “the excess is my success…!”

A beautiful collection that has received the compliments of all the agents of the Franck Muller maison and the wealthy ladies invited to the big event!

The evening was “magnificent”, as was Franck and the entire organization, impeccable.  The most beautiful room in the Hotel de Paris had been carefully decorated for the evening and for the dinner.

There were over 500 guests. I was charmed when Franck Muller introduced me to all the guests with wonderful words expressing his admiration!

Rachele - Joseph - Stephanie - Daniele

Rachele – Joseph – Stephanie – Daniele

I am happy.  To my right, Eva, more beautiful than ever in a Cavalli’s tuxedo that enhances her charm and her great elegance. To my left, my daughter Rachele, she is wearing a long dress with black sequin embroidery that wraps the body cleverly forming the silhouette of a hungry crocodile!  My son Daniele, the youngest member of our family in our company, with his beautiful girlfriend Stephanie.

Next to Eva is Frank Muller in the company of his young and beautiful wife, then Mrs. Monika Bacardi, wife of the emperor of alcoholic drinks.  Carol Ascher an elegant lady who belongs to the most special and wealthy family of Geneva adding to the lustre of our table.

Three rock singers, a great classical pianist and a magician who blew a piano while he played frantically! An evening of fun – full of great energy!

GRAND FINALE with a big cake to celebrate and say out loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA!  A great chorus of good wishes… Eva was pleasantly surprised.  Her sweet smile expressed all her joy.

Franck Muller - Eva Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli

Franck Muller – Eva Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli

Another special day… a new emotion…

Roberto Cavalli
Hotel de Paris

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Mon precieux horloge Chez Cavalli n’est pas animal print. C’est d’une finesse et beaute que peut etre, parfaitement, partie d’une collection de bijoux de quelque famille royale européenne. Merci Monsieur Cavalli pour cette merveilleuse cadeaux! Au revoir

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Innanzitutto….buon compleanno Eva !!! (anche se in ritardo)…Eva è bellissima davvero… 🙂
    E la serata…Che cornice….che abiti….che bellezza..!
    E il Pianoforte che vole…. oh come ha fatto?? Ganzissimo!!
    Che serata deve essere stata…….Via……quando vinceremo il terzo scudetto ne faremo una uguale a Firenze eh? 🙂
    Un Abbraccio

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