45. I told you…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

45. I told you that when my days are devoted entirely to work, collections and meetings, I try to be with you, talking a little bit about myself…

I assure you that for you to know and understand me is and will be an adventure! I have already told you about my passion for the sky, feeling as though I have wings.

I can also tell you about my passion for cars. It began when I was 18, the legal age for getting a driving license in Italy! My first car… a blue Fiat 500. On long journeys I remember I had to keep the engine hood open to get a better cooling for the engine!

Those were the days when I was engaged to my first wife, we were beautiful, young and penniless. The Fiat 500 was also my pied-à-terre… You can imagine!
When I was 21 the work began to go pretty well and so I signed 3 centimeters thick of promissory notes and I bought a Fiat 1500 convertible, a used one, of course! Very used!

My first wife

My first wife

What work was I doing? Well, on this topic I’ll write several posts…! I can only begin to tell you that I started out painting on t-shirts and pullovers. Then I began to think how I could speed up the art of hand painting…
It was not bad – working twenty hours a day – it meant that I was soon able to buy my first Ferrari, white with black roof. I was not yet thirty years old. You can imagine how a Ferrari helped me to meet women!

I just wanted to remind you that once I was young too! I never liked those grumpy “old folks”. What? You want to remind me that now I am one of them…? It is not true! I realize I am no longer a young boy only when I brush my teeth and I look at myself in the mirror… when I was young I used to joke that “old people should be killed right when born!” Now that I am older and more tolerant I no longer think this way.

Roberto Cavalli early years hand painted jacket

Roberto Cavalli early years hand painted jacket

Every collection reminds me of the importance of thinking young. Every collection reminds me of the importance of being mature. I try to deal with my own personal generation gap.

I wanted to tell you something amusing that experience has taught me… Hope I have succeeded and made you smile.

Un bacino grande grande

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. WXTCI
    WXTCI says:

    hi Roberto your pics very beautiful beautiful Sunday a u Lupo Rosa & your familys you Fantastic very beautiful créations i love your Fragance too

  2. yana
    yana says:

    Ma é veramente Lei, quel ragazzino sulla foto? Ok, non si vede molto bene, ma sembra proprio ché con gli anni é migliorato parecchio:)))))))

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!!
    E’ verissimo…..non è l’età del corpo che conta…ma è l’età che uno ha dentro che è importante!!
    Ho conosciuto ragazzi di 20-25 anni che sembravano pensionati, come ho conosciuto persone over 60 che sembravano dei ragazzini della privavera della Fiorentina….
    E te sicuramente appartieni a questa categoria! 🙂
    Non è l’aspetto fisico, non è l’età biologica, è come uno vive e decide di essere che determina la sua vera “età” 🙂
    Un Abbraccione!!!!!!


  4. Patrycja
    Patrycja says:

    Dear Roberto,

    I willing to write article abut blogging designers to Polish press is it possible to get the agreement from you to use some photos from your blog and the blog print screen? I’m amazed with your blog, passion and creative life. I love your femine dresses and perfumes. Great to read your blog,

    Tanti baci dalla Polonia

  5. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    Ma Signor Cavalli…….molto più interessante adesso!!!!
    Anche Lei ha iniziato dalle magliette?????!!!!!?????
    C’è stato un momento nella mia vita che ne avrei realizzate migliaia………
    Sinceramente capisco come si sente, perchè tante volte mi sento cosi carica e piena di vita……che i miei 47 anni la fanno in barba a tanti giovanissimi senza colonna vertebrale!!!!
    Un abbraccio

  6. Mary Ryan
    Mary Ryan says:

    You are so creative.
    Reading your blog is an honor.
    what you wrote about working 20 hours a day and how you started painting with hands, is so Inspiring.
    There should be a book written on you.
    When you remember your past, it makes you happy or makes you sad?
    Thank you for this blog experience.

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