11. Saturday, it is great, I love the weekends, I can sleep in…

Roberto Cavalli
11. Saturday, it is great, I love the weekends, I can sleep in…

Saturday, it is great, I love the weekends, I can sleep in and I let LUPO wish me a good morning by coming into bed with me for five minutes!

Next, I brush my teeth while waiting for the shower to reach the right temperature…
What is your morning routine, what do you do first? Do you shower and then brush your teeth? Me? It’s a habit, I have to brush my teeth first…

Today is a quiet day, the time will fly by, I will listen to music and spend some time on the computer. I will dedicate more time to you, I will write more than ever, I have so many things to tell you!

In the past month several small, but important things, happened!

Tonight I will go to dinner with friends at the Just Cavalli Café. It’s the only different and fun place, I am not saying because I own it, it’s the truth.
The food is decent and the music after midnight is great. Lots of nice people, and then later on you can meet the most beautiful girls and models you can find in Milan!

One of my morning habits is to go online and read the newspaper “La Repubblica”, I’d like to talk about what is happening, but without talking politics…
I have my own ideas and I will talk about them, I want to be friends with EVERYONE.
I do not understand, and I’ll never understand, why we all can’t be friends even if we have a different point of view, or a different religion?
We are all equal before God. There is only one God, we call him and worship him in different ways. The creator of this beautiful and perfect world is only one God…
We, smart humans, are not perfect and we can only get worse!

Enough! I promised not to talk about politics and thus no religion, because in my opinion, religion is politics!

Today, the news that caught my attention and makes me laugh so much is the one about Dolce and Gabbana who have lost their lawsuit against the Italian Revenue Agency and now they have to pay a fine of 229 million Euros!
It’s crazy, but how much money did you make them earn? Maybe you’ve all been convinced by Madonna in the kitchen around the stove, or while she is knitting, like an old Sicilian woman?
By the way, just between us, they are very good!

Another news item is the earthquake throughout northern Italy, lots of fear and no damage!
My Milan offices were evacuated and the fear became a distraction, everyone laughed and joked with friends! Thank goodness!

Many other ridiculous news items, very Italian – every day problems but unfortunately we do not have people able to solve them!
However, did you notice, even if I didn’t want to talk about politics, in the end I did!

I will spend the rest of the day organizing my photos.
I’ll have to take an hour telling you about my real passion, my travels, my adventures and all the thousands of photos that are the result.

A big hug

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    SIGNOR CAVALLI!!! why does your Saturday post arrive to us on Wednesday??? or was it written on Saturday and I should have come here to read it instead of waiting on the e-mail to arrive at my account?

    229 millions… a number waaaay out of my imagination:)) hope a part of it will arrive at “servizi pubblici” there is sooo much to do…

    tz tz tz, don’t waste water like that, besides, cold water would help you to wake up faster:)))

  2. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Prima i denti! il JC café è davvero bellissimo, la cosa più bella è che non è ordinario… Tra luci e arredamenti ti porta in un mondo “a parte” unico nel suo genere. 
    Quanto scrivi su Dio e sull’amicizia hai tutta la mia stima, condivido ogni singola parola e sinceramente non posso/non voglio scrivere altro. Hai espresso quella che è anche la mia idea con parole bellissime!
    Non guardare me per D&G… Non centro niente!!! Io ho un credo, non compro/non vesto se non è Cavalli!! E non lo è tanto per dire… Io sono ancora una di quelle persone che quando si lega con qualcosa/qualcuno è praticamente indissolubile! 
    Dai Roberto, raccontaci qualcosa…

    We love you too


  3. Albert De Castro
    Albert De Castro says:

    That news on DG is pathetic. I mean, no one is perfect, but before freedom of speech, the media has to respect everyone. I am sorry for them.

    On Saturday, I wake up, wash my teeth and take a shower, after I go out with my dogs (if a good weather allows me to) and then go enjoy the day with my friends… or sometimes, working.

    I would love to hear about your travel experiences, that is the most fun part. I can’t wait for that blog post.

    Warm hugs,
    Albert De Castro

  4. Akvile
    Akvile says:


    I love Sundays! actually I love almost everyday because I start work in my bed with my coffee and laptop. An hour for illustrations, my beloved SwO magazine for my country and fashion news – it makes every day easier!

    Saluti from Milano!

  5. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Saturday is the best day of the week!!! You can go out and come home late and you still have one more day to rest 🙂 When i wake up in the morning I usually grab my mobile and check out my FB and mail. I’m probably addicted lol After that i go to the bathroom to do my morning routine. I brush my teeth first and then do the rest of stuff.

    I definitely need to go to Just Cavalli Café whenever I’m in Florence! It must be a great place to visit!!! Its interior is impressive according to the pics i googled.

    I heard about DG’s case some time ago but I could’t imagine they would be obliged to pay 229 million Euros! That’s huge money!!! Poor guys.

    Mr. Cavalli I have seen the commercial of your new Fragrance today. It’s beyond comparison!!! Pure Perfection!!! Elisa looks so natural!! And that beautiful perfume bottle!! OMG!! I hope it’s launched in Ukraine 🙂

    Kisses and hugs


  6. Guillermo
    Guillermo says:

    Mr Cavalli!! You are not alone!! I live weekends too very much !;) I didn’t do nothing special like you ! I just clean my apartment and do my laundry and rest for the next five days ahead!! Love all your clothing line!!;)

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