74. August 11th, Our Holidays…

Roberto Cavalli with Lionel Richie

Roberto Cavalli with Lionel Richie

74. August 11th, our holidays are devoted to the big party.

Everybody is talking about our party and sometimes, between all the parties we attend, we even have time to go to the beach!

Our name is among the most widely known on the Costa Smeralda. Everybody wants to be our friend. Everyone aspires to be invited to the summer party at Villa Cavalli.

It’s the heyday of the Costa Smeralda… great actors… great singers… spend a few days in Porto Cervo. We are aware of their arrival in one of the three big hotels on the coast.
We deliver their invitations directly to the hotels upon their arrival. My name become the brand for the special parties… full of beautiful girls… many VIPs… the champagne flows… it is all true… it is our reality!

One big memorable party… my great friend Zucchero comes to stay with us at Porto Rotondo… without asking him to sing at the party, without wishing to take advantage of our friendship, it was Zucchero himself who said “Roberto, I would like to sing, this party is so special… it is such wonderful evening!”

Roberto Cavalli with Zucchero

Roberto Cavalli with Zucchero

Another very good memory… some years later… Lionel Richie is our guest… a music legend. We spend the evening singing duets… many Italian songs. Several guests also wish to perform with Lionel… a memorable evening!

After each party we have to make a note of the mementos the guests have taken with them as souvenirs of the party… I believe many of the guests have Cavalli pillows in their homes… so many happy summer memories!

I treasure these little memories I offer to each of you, because I care about you… because your admiration is the source of my creativity!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    Ma conosci pure Lionel Richie…ma non hai proprio lmiti!! 🙂
    Anche Zucchero mi piace tanto, ha l’aria di un tipo alla mano, simpatico e mai “pissero”
    Mi dispiace solo che dopo la festa la gente ti facesse “il via” della roba (come si dce a Firenze)….cioè dai sei invitato ad una festa da Roberto Cavalli e ti prendi i “souvenir”…ma dai!
    Forza Cavalli, tra poco la nostra Viola scende in campo in questa grigia giornata nuvolosa….Speriamo bene!!
    Un Abbraccio

  2. Gloria Martini
    Gloria Martini says:

    Caro Roberto,volevo farti un saluto. Quando torni ar Firenze? . Si sente molto la tua mancanza .Ho scoperto oggi il tuo blog. Sei forte!!! Ti abbraccio Gloria

  3. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno di nuovo.Belle foto Lei e Zuccero che bello foto.Belle storie sempre, quando non leggo il tuo blog da qualche giorno mi sento la mancanza,mi piache leggere.E buono per me leggere in italiano,cosi non dimentico la lingua piu bello del mondo. Ciao tanti saluti al Nord da Frøydis

  4. yordanos Gesesse
    yordanos Gesesse says:

    Dear Roberto Cavalli u ar the best designer in our world u that ur fashion ar wow………………………… God bless u i like ur work …

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