129. Ibiza… Holidays Locations for All Types of Holiday Makers!

Eva Cavalli with Naomi and Goga at Cipriani129. Ibiza… Holidays Locations for All Types of Holiday Makers!

Ibiza is a magnificent island with fantastic colors. There are not so many beaches but the beaches they have are suitable for children!

No one speaks of the beauty of this island, just as when commenting on a beautiful woman we often forget to emphasize her beauty by concentrating more on praising her other qualities!

I have spent three days in Ibiza… enough to feel like a fish out of water… not entirely being part of the scene…

Eva Cavalli with GogaEva flew from Italy for the opening of Cipriani. Her great friend Goga, a very wealthy Russian lady, organized and sponsored the “big event”. Naomi, the greatest model of all time, would have liked to “appear” too and make her contribution to the evening. However, Goga is a person with her own ideas.

I’m happy for Giuseppe Cipriani who has a very wide circle of friends all of whom would like to be part of this special evening. I admire him… bravo Giuseppe!

My friendship is a true feeling. My friends are friends who love me!

I spent a lot of time in the small markets of Ibiza. Stalls selling a variety of bracelets and necklaces made with all kinds of tiny bones – of fish or other animals… I bought two bracelets for myself and some to give away to friends and family.

The old part of Ibiza is really charming. The narrow streets are lined with small restaurants whose tables spread half way across the street. There are many tourists… so that we have to make our way through with our arms… Lupo helps me… people make way for him… I feel protected!

Ibiza - Balearic Islands

Ibiza – Balearic Islands

For young people who wish to enjoy themselves in a spontaneous manner I recommend Formentera which offers more privacy.

Un bacino a tutti!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Luca
    Luca says:

    Ma un tu sei un pò vecchino per continua’ a fare il bischero a giro? t’ha na prole che sei gia bisononno c’hai pure i baypasse! vai a far le terme a Montecatini che ti spurghi

    • Francesco
      Francesco says:

      Caro Luca…..
      Se tu fossi “bischero” 1 centesimo di lui, e tu saresti da premio nobel….
      Vai un pò a bellariva vai, che se ti fanno entrare tu ti rinfreschi un pò ì cervello e magari un tù scrivi più stè bischerate…….

  2. virginia negri
    virginia negri says:

    Ma che vecchino!!!! Ibiza è un luogo internazionale per “gente” di mondo e di tutte le età!!!
    Divertente e sempre originale!
    Bella la frase sul divertimernto spontaneo che tutti dovrebbero ritornare ad avere. Meglio una sana vacanza che un forzato status da fuori di testa!!!
    ciao e buona giornata.

  3. abbe
    abbe says:

    i had the pleasure of staying at Giuseppe’s beautiful Casa Gin Tonic in Punta del Este once. i borrowed a book from one of the guest rooms, signed by Marco Glaviano, and accidentally took it home in my beach bag. i still have it…

    downtown NYC is not the same without Giuseppe 🙁


  4. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Hello Mr. Cavalli!!! I’ve been extremely busy taking my make-up course so haven’t read your blog for a while. Nevertheless not a single day passed i didn’t think about you and your adventures! Reading your blog feels like i’m home again! Can’t live without you Roberto! Ibiza seems to be an amazing place to visit! I’ve always wanted to have some fun in the clubs there! Hope i do soon. Eva and russian lady Goga rock the white outfit. They look so gorgeous! Hope you have a great time in Ibiza!

    Kisses and hugs

    I ♥ YOU


    P.S. Mr. Cavalli I wanna work with you as a make-up artist! I bet you will love my works! Will post the link so you could see them soon. You are my inspiration! xx

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