130. Balearic… Formentera!

Roberto Cavalli with Vincenzo Novari

Roberto Cavalli with Vincenzo Novari

130. Balearic… Formentera!

I managed to get a berth in the small harbor of Formentera. We left Ibiza with a great desire to visit this island.

I had been there five years ago, with my big boat. We were at anchor. I knew only the emerald green water in a place called “THE TWO SEAS”. The water there is very shallow and it is fun to walk from one island to another.

I left Ibiza because I want to see again the extraordinary color of the water here… at sunset the beaches are home to hundreds of young people… sitting on the sand… playing their music …often at full volume… someone, more organized, brings a bottle of wine to share with the others!

I like this magic atmosphere and feel at ease in the simplicity and spontaneity of it… I blend with the young crowd, hoping that the dusk is my accomplices in disguising my apparent age… inside I feel young like them… with the same tastes and the same hopes!

Formentera Island

Formentera Island

This same evening I am invited for dinner by a close friend, Vincenzo Novari, a great entrepreneur – full of great ideas and so much energy that transmits to those fortunate enough to know him. His girlfriend, Daniela, was Miss Italy a few years ago, her beauty since then has increased. Today she is a beautiful woman!

We have dinner in a very special and romantic restaurant in one of the many beaches of Formentera. A pleasant evening, all the ingredients were perfect… guests of a charming and simple island… a delightful restaurant… delicious fish… dear friends… a mutual feeling of respect and sympathy… the best!

We stay in Formentera only for two days, but we leave our hearts there!
I promise myself that I shall return there soon. Formentera is an island that offers the pleasure of simplicity!

Formentera - Balearic Islands - Spain

Formentera – Balearic Islands – Spain

Hello everyone… I have already turned on the engine of my bat-zodiac and we are ready for a new adventure!

We are on the way back to Italy, but first I would like to admire the beauty of the Costa Brava!

Time flies too quickly when you’re happy!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Mamma mia che foto dell’isola….stupefacente!!!
    Deve essere un posto veramente fuori dal comune…
    Che bella l’avventura! 🙂
    Quella della nostra Viola è iniziata bene….speriamo continui! 🙂
    Un Abbraccione!

  2. Maia
    Maia says:

    Bellissima Formentera! Ma il corso tra Ibiza e Formentera non è tranquillo, almeno quando sono andata. E dopo le sue bellisime vacanze marittimi, sará poslsibile che ci vediamo l’incontro di Mac con Lei, dopo il suo ritorno alla sua casa? Penso che Mac sia la gioia della sua casa. Saluti.

  3. Lov-Eat Blog
    Lov-Eat Blog says:

    sono incuriosita dal ristorante in cui avete cenato.
    Sarò a Formentera il primo we di agosto e ho una fissa pazzesca per i ristoranti carini e dall’ottima cucina (non per niente ho aperto un mio blog http://www.Lov-Eat.blogspot.it come passatempo).
    Se ricordi il nome e me lo consigli caldamente, lo provo davvero volentieri.

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