131. The Holidays Are Almost Finished…

Roberto Cavalli with Gianni

Roberto Cavalli with Gianni

131. The Holidays Are Almost Finished…

We are in a port in northern Spain, near the border with France. We began our adventure without Gianni. On Monday we let him return to Olbia and everything seemed more special and fun – more difficult but more exciting!

Last night we arrived in this strange port, seems to be in Venice. It is a port made of natural channels. I think it was built at the mouth of a river. It’s fun along the canals there are many houses and small apartment blocks and each has their own boat moored perfectly on stilts like Venice!

We are very happy and peaceful, we washed the boat and we are getting ready to leave to go to the supermarket…
All of a sudden we saw smoke coming from the bathroom accompanied by a large strong smell of burning… We feared a fire… but luckily the smoke started to diminish and I felt more relaxed… five minutes later TOTAL BLACK OUT!

Washing the bat-zodiac

Washing the bat-zodiac

Now what? I tried to get in touch with Gianni but the phone was switched off… I was in a panic!
Finally I received a call from Gianni that increase the chances of survival – of my holiday!

It was about 8 pm when my drama started…
We are armed with great torches, began to get dark.
At 10.30 pm we are still struggling to determine the cause of the fault… I disassembled half the boat… Gianni on the phone is telling me where to open… where to touch… where to try… where to disassemble. With a small cable I made a bridge between two electrical parts to see the reaction! Nothing! No results! No sign of any electrical current!

I spent three hours at a temperature of 55 degrees working to get the engine room back into operational condition. I’ve never sweated so much in my life… I believe, and hope, that I lost at least the five pounds… that I probably just regained by drinking five liters of water…

Entering Empuriabrava - Spain

Entering Empuriabrava – Spain

The end of the story… I booked a flight for Gianni from Olbia to Barcelona… a car waiting for him at the airport and will bring him in this town, on the canals! Perhaps, it is the same plane that brought him to Olbia two days ago…

I hope that Gianni will solve the problem. He should arrive in three hours!

EmpuriabravaThe other problem is that we must cross the Gulf of Lions early in the morning, in the afternoon we expect the arrival of a great disturbance… you know when it arrives, but it is impossible to predict when it will go!

I’m on vacation… I try not to think about problems… I live from day to day!

Un abbraccio grande!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli to be honest I felt really scared when reading about a smoke and a smell of burning on your boat!!! Thanks God all is ok now! You’ve managed to deal with the problem. Well done Roberto! If I were you I would run away in panic haha..Mr. Cavalli thanks for sharing the pics. They look fantastic as always!




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