116. Reckless or Fearless…

Miss Universe 2008

Miss Universe 2008

116. Reckless or Fearless…

Reckless or Fearless… probably both!

These are days of intense work before going to enjoy myself on the Bat-zodiac in the Mediterranean. I want to complete my projects and have so many ideas that I do not want to risk forgetting them!

I have two collections coming at the end of September, which make me nervous… I commit more than ever!

When I am working so hard in this way there is a limit to what I can tell you. So I will tell you some adventure from the past…!

Dayana Mendoza - Venezuela - Miss Universe 2008

Dayana Mendoza – Venezuela – Miss Universe 2008

I was invited to serve on the jury for the Miss Universe contest in Vietnam… four days of good fun… but not great… now I am on my way back home. The sea and nature are very beautiful – but not enviable! Our wonderful Sardinia remains the queen!

Before returning to Italy, I remember a dinner with Eddie Irvine the former Ferrari driver. Do you remember him? Eddy is still young, but during dinner he has to read something and starts complaining that his eyesight is not what it once was… “MY FATHER STILL READS WITHOUT GLASSES… IT MAKES ME SO ENVIOUS!” He explains that his father had an eye operation in Thailand, in Bangkok from one of the ablest and best professors in the world!

He got my attention… for 25 years I have been a slave to astigmatism and presbyopia… using bifocals glasses and different contact lenses in my eyes!

Returning from Vietnam, I decide to stop and get to know this great doctor who teaches you to read without glasses – rejuvenating the eyes! I telephone and make an appointment at the hospital which is about an hour from Bangkok.

The organization of this “Luminary” sends a limo to meet me at the airport! The Bangkok Hospital seems like a large five-star hotel. Four young ladies and an Italian interpreter greet me and accompany me to the ophthalmology department.

Roberto Cavalli with Dr. Sonchai

Roberto Cavalli with Dr. Sonchai

I meet Dr. Sonchai, a small Thai man with black hair and a long white coat, his team who follow him few meters behind greet me with a nod of their heads. They were waiting for me.

Have you ever been to an ophthalmologist? He tests me to see how well I read up-close and at a distance… many small colored lights in my eyes… drops to dilate my pupils… at the end he begins to explain the procedure. Its action is to open the eyes and insert lenses that will allow me read well up close and at a distance without glasses! The only problem is this will not allow me to read well at a distance of about one meter, typical when using a computer…

The great Thai doctor explains in great detail the little problems that I shall encounter… I know the benefits, I SHALL BE ABLE TO THROW AWAY MY GLASSES!

I lock myself away in a room to reflect… think… decide… I am here… it’s worth a try!

OK! I agree!

The operating room is ready… They show me the room, where I will spend a short postoperative period. A beautiful suite, but I am not going to stay there long…

I put on a green operating gown, suddenly realizing that this is a serious operation in all respects and involving anesthesia!

No, I regret nothing… right now I am writing this post without glasses!

Which won…? My recklessness or my fearlessness?

Un bacino grande a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    Grande! Grazie per questo racconto! Volevo fare un’operazione simile prossimamente… Adoro le mie occhiali, ma non mi piace dipendere completamente da qualcosa… Una tragedia se mi trovo fuori casa per qualche giorno e dimentico il contenitore o il liquido… Poi ci deve raccontare se ci sará qualche problema post-operatoria… Deve prendere antibiotici adesso? Le da fastidio luce intensa?

    Hehe, é vero, non esiste una linea ben precisa tra coraggio e incoscienza:)))

  2. F.G.
    F.G. says:

    Buonasera Mr Cavalli,bello senza occhiali sicuramente, ho usato i occhiali da bambina, ora vedo meglio senza,bo non lo so perche.Vecchiaia forse he he

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