254. Happy New Year from Saint Martin…

Roberto Cavalli254. Happy New Year from Saint Martin…

How did you celebrate the new year?

I am writing you from Saint Martin… this year I decided to go on a cruise in the Caribbean for few days… in complete relaxation… pampered by the warm sun and the gentle breezes of these amazing islands!

I know these places very well. Several years ago I rented a house in Saint Martin and spent a memorable summer vacation there…

We board this beautiful cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… then we gently cruise to these fantastic places… the color of the water is amazing… with shades ranging from intense green to deep blue…

Once again God amazes me with His creations…the fishes… each species, and there are multitudes of them, has its own special dress… the colors are those of the rainbow!

A real Paradise on Earth!

I was impressed by the size of this cruise ship! A true floating city. Being in command of a vessel of this size is not an easy task… I met the Captain, Athanasios G. Peppas, a very friendly person… he and all his crew gave us a thoroughly enjoyable experience along with an impeccable Grand Hotel experience!

It is already time to go back and tomorrow we shall return to Florida. My commitments are awaiting me in Miami… 2014 begins with many new projects… but now I shall enjoy the last two days of my vacation!

Un grande abbraccio and my best wishes for a fabulous 2014!


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli with Captain Athanasios G. Peppas

Roberto Cavalli with Captain Athanasios G. Peppas

Saint Martin Cruise

Roberto Cavalli - Cruise Ship

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  1. Ann Notari
    Ann Notari says:

    Hello Sir! I hope your working on your Fabulous tan! Glad to see you include relaxing and Fun! Giving you time to reflect on future projects! Quiet solitude of moments of inspiration, I say!!! Love You! Anna XoXo

  2. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno Mr. Cavalli.belle foto come sempre. Sono stato a Oslo a capodanno . E stato tranquillo e bello.ho viaggiato. Tanto in 2013 Spero che 2014 Sara un anno con tanti Viaggi anche . Spero uguale per lei Mr Cavalli Saluti Frøydis

  3. yana
    yana says:

    ho trascorso un capodanno inaspettatamente molto triste, ma proprio TRISTE… in parte colpa mia… é andato tutto storto… il primo gennaio ancora peggio, ma poi alle 17.09 ho rivisto la luce della speranza:)) e adesso sono contenta… dopo cosi tanta negativita apprezzo le piccole gioie che avevo proprio DIMENTICATO di notare… ero troppo preso dal mio lavoro, anche se so benissimo che non va bene, ogni volta che divento troppo fissata sulla creativitá MI BLOCCO quasi. spero tanto che non succedera piu… il mio proposito per 2014: qualsiasi cosa succeda la guardo solo dal lato positivo:))) BUON ANNO A TUTTI!!!

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