339. There is a scent of Christmas in the air…

Roberto-Cavalli-with-Lupo339. There is a scent of Christmas in the air…

Just a little over two weeks to Christmas and its scent and sounds are in the air…

The decorations, those yuletide cookies and a festive atmosphere surround us and capture children’s imaginations.

Florence changes at Christmas time. Lights, decorations, tourists… the temperature is few degrees centigrade above zero and sometimes we even get a sprinkling of snow…

This year I decided to spend Christmas in Florence in the company of my children and grandchildren… I will unplug myself for a few days and devote myself entirely to my great family!

These days I am busy working on the new collections and the upcoming fashion shows in January and February. Christmas offers me the opportunity I need to take a break, even if only for just a few days.

I just had a glance at my long list of gifts and my grandchildren are the highest priority on it. How wonderful it will be to see the surprise on their faces… their eyes light up… then with their mouths wide open they remain briefly paralyzed before letting go their screams of joy…

But Christmas at the Cavalli home is a long standing tradition, an event that reminds our own childhoods and gathers us all together, allowing us to share all those beautiful moments that will last forever in our hearts.

I already know that the next two weeks will fly away and then, like magic, everything will stop to allow us to savour those very precious moments together, to reorganize our thoughts and stay close to the people we love.

And you, dear friends, how will you spend your holidays?
My wish is that you will spend them in peace and in the company of your loved ones.

Let us savour those moments together. All of us!

I send you un grosso bacione!


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    You have a GREAT plan ahead! The most precious moments of our lives always include our family and friends, and for creators, the unique moments the Muses inspire them. I will spend the Christmas holidays at home with my family and a few friends we consider part of our family. I will dedicate plenty of time to one of my passions: CUCINARE. Spanish lamb is superb, so I will cook a suckling lamb with fried giant green bananas (DELICIOUS!!!), jumbo shrimps, alleged baby elver (the natural baby elvers are astronomously expensive and offer NO difference, really), suckling pork, Spanish angler fish with shrimps, flounder with a sauce Chez Maia, home made chocolate truffles Chez Maia, and fruit. I cook almost everything in my traditional oven. A LOT of work, BUT a LOT of JOY!!!

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