411. The Christmas Tree, the Tree of Paradise

Roberto Cavalli411. The Christmas Tree, the Tree of Paradise

This year, as usual, I spent a quiet Sunday decorating the Christmas tree.

This is the first Christmas tree at Cavalli Island and so it is a very, very special Christmas tree!

Since childhood I have always look forward to the Christmas season with a certain amount of trepidation.  In those days the gifts were brought by “La Befana” on January 6th and if you had not been good during the year the Befana filled the stocking with coal!

I remember staying up late and waiting until everybody was asleep before going to check the stockings hanging from the fireplace to determine the number of the gifts by how much they bulged…

Traditionally, in Italy the Christmas tree is put up from December 8th until January 6th.

The Christmas tree has ancient traditions and in the past was called a Tree of Paradise creating a magical atmosphere with its lights and decorations.

I like to observe the expressions of joy on my grandchildren’s faces as they look at the Christmas tree… to glimpse the wonder in their eyes and sense their impatience as they wait…

Decorating the Christmas tree is a special tradition at the Cavalli home and every year  setting up the Christmas tree is an event at which everyone has his role.   The children decorate the lower part of the tree while the adults decorate the upper part up to the tip which is adorned with a ribbon, a star or an angel…

Decorating the Christmas tree is also the moment when you tell stories and anecdotes and everybody has a special Christmas to remember…

This year I will spend part of the holidays in Florence and part at Cavalli Island where the snow has already started to create a Christmas atmosphere…

Have you already decorated your Christmas tree? Send me your photos…


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  1. michelle Yan
    michelle Yan says:

    hallo, Roberto , merry christmas to you ! oh your christmas tree in cavalli island is so beautiful with your zebra design , I feel sad that you will not design by your self for just cavalli and roberto cavalli brand , I love your brand because this is your artist work , so splendid and so sexy …I don’t want to see sb. else will make design instead of you for your own brand . am from Chengdu China and my husband is austrian man from Wien , best wishes for you and your wife Eva

  2. Оксана
    Оксана says:

    Ciao Roberto . Felice Anno Nuovo a voi . Vado spesso in Italia . Quando guardo la vostra nuova collezione che ho smesso di respirare dalla bellezza . Tu sei un grande designer . Nel nuovo anno per esprimere un desiderio : vedere Firenze con voi . Non sono mai stato lì . Io sono dalla Bielorussia .

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