328 Spain!

Roberto Cavalli with Ariadne Artiles328 Spain!

I am packing my suitcase, once again. This evening I am heading to Spain.

I love Spain and I love the people!

Spain is a concentrate of history, culture and amazing artists! The Spanish are people I admire very much. I admire the zest for life that is an integral part of their culture. I love their Latin passion and the unique and unmistakable way of living that they incorporate into their arts and everyday life…

The occasion of my trip to Spain will allow me to savour once again the pleasure of visiting those places so amazingly and distinctly charming.

It’s been two years but it seems like yesterday when I opened the Roberto Cavalli Boutique in Madrid… what a fantastic event!

I was invited there by ELLE to participate in a special event. But now I must leave you. In the next post I will tell you all the details…

Vi mando un grande bacino…


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Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Madrid

Roberto Cavalli Boutique – Madrid

327. I want to introduce two new flavours, Orange Vodka and Rosemary Vodka!

Roberto Cavalli Orange Vodka327. I want to introduce two new flavours, Orange Vodka and Rosemary Vodka!

Now you can enjoy the Roberto Cavalli Vodka with two new flavours typical of the Mediterranean, Orange and Rosemary.

When I decided to create the first Italian Vodka with my son Tommaso, we committed to creatiing a vodka of the highest quality, pure, with a sophisticated taste, able to satisfy the most discerning palates.

We selected the best ingredients starting with the water. The Roberto Cavalli Vodka is produced from the crystal clear water that gushes from the springs at the foot of Monte Rosa. A low mineral content and natural filtration guarantee its absolute purity.

The wheat used in the production grows in the valleys at the foot of the south-western Alps. The higher content of type A starch, which converts the sucrose in pure form, makes the distillate alcohol even cleaner and enveloping.

One of the best Italian distilleries processes these ingredients producing my Vodka. The Roberto Cavalli Vodka has quickly earned worldwide acclaim.

I wanted to give a touch of fashion with a unique bottle able to evoke the “gentilezza” and the “eleganza” of the female body…

When Tommaso had me taste the two new flavours, I was immediately impressed by their smooth taste, a natural hint of Orange and Rosmary which brings me back memories of Mediterranean summers.

The processes to extract the flavours from Orange and Rosemary guarantee the purity and fragrance of these two new flavours…

Congratulations Tommaso! The absolute commitment to quality along with a continuous effort and commitment to create an exceptional product continues to give excellent results. I had no doubts!

I invite you to try the Roberto Cavalli Vodka, I’m sure that it will captivate you!

With three flavours — Orange, Rosemary or Natural — the choice becomes more difficult. It is like when you have to choose whether to go out on a date with a blonde, a brunette or a redhead…

Cin Cin, à ta santé!


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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Orange

Roberto Cavalli Vodka Rosemary

Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli

Roberto and Tommaso Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli

326 I am in Monte Carlo…

Roberto Cavalli326 I am in Monte Carlo…

After the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and before returning to Florence, I decided to spend a few days in the Principality of Monaco.

Monte Carlo is always a very pleasant place in which to spend a few days in complete relaxation.

You know how I like to enjoy a little flutter gambling at the Casino in Monte Carlo. It is the perfect place to spend a few hours at the gaming table surrounded by beautiful women…

I especially like to play Black Jack but sometimes I even get to the Roulette table. I always play the same numbers: 17, 20, 21 and 29!

I’m not a gamer… I like the challenge of the game table… I like to discover the cards slowly… to savour those moments of tension… Whether I win or lose does not matter. It is the challenge of the game and the way that Lady Luck can determine the outcome that makes the game interesting!

At the end losses are almost equalized with the winnings … and since I’m lucky in love I cannot ask the goddess of good fortune to be on my side!

These days traveling around in Monte Carlo is not easy as there are a lot of construction sites everywhere with work in progress.

If you want to see the latest models of the most prestigious sports and luxury cars you have to come to Monte Carlo! In addition to exotic sports cars, there are amazing yachts and beautiful women. Monte Carlo has it all!

Here in Monte Carlo everything is luxurious… even the little corner store that sells fruit and vegetables…

Un caro abbraccio.


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Monte Carlo - Roberto Cavalli Blog

Monte Carlo - Roberto Cavalli Blog

Monte Carlo - Roberto Cavalli Blog