103. Summer has Finally Arrived…

Bonifacio103. Summer has finally arrived…

The colors begin to take their true identity…
Thursday late afternoon I ran away from the office “DO NOT LOOK FOR ME… TOMORROW I WILL BE REALLY BUSY!”

I can’t wait to get to my boat, moored in the marina of Porto Rotondo. Supply of fruit, water and plenty of salad! When I’m on the boat I almost become a vegetarian. If I decide to stay in the harbor, I prepare a salad with tomatoes and mozzarella! And then… sun… sun… sun!

The next morning we leave early, heading to Corsica. Calm sea, beautiful day, we stop at Piana island, one of the most enchanting places to spend a day of true sea! It seems like a huge swimming pool… light blue… green… turquoise!

The water is not deep… after launching the small zodiac we take it with Lupo to where the water is most shallow. I push Lupo in water and from that point on I realize I have a friend who loves to swim… I brought a ball and Lupo is literally going insane… he rans in the shallows and swims when the water becomes too deep for him. Like a child he become sad when we decide to go back to the boat!

Summer has finally arrived... - Roberto Cavalli BlogAt dusk we head for Bonifacio… the entrance to the channel is hard to find… we head towards the town… the shoreline is made of rock cliffs tens of meters high… I must maintain a maximum speed of 5 miles… finally we see Bonifacio, as in a vision!

It is a small horseshoe-shaped harbor with lots of white boats of various lengths, which partially hide the charming character houses beyond. Many restaurants and bars separate the small main road from the water.

We moor between two large boats and go for a walk in the village. A place like no other, like the warmth of the people who live there…

Many small and quaint shops invite you to browse and buy! I buy some beautiful fruit. In the same shop I discover a small wine section of good French wines. I cheat on my own excellent wine when Lucette, the owner, recommends five bottles of great French wine to me. Judging from the price, it must be really special!

The best restaurant in Corsica is here in Bonifacio. It is called
LE CARAVELLE and, of course, fish dishes are its specialty… I know the owners and later will surprise them!

I got a surprise myself, but I will tell you about it tomorrow…
Summer has finally arrived... - Roberto Cavalli Blog
Un bacino a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!
    Bella Bonifacio!! La città rifondata dai toscani (principalmente coloni provenienti dalla lucchesia) nel lontano 800 dopo Cristo. Rifondata appunto da Bonifacio II di Toscana e chiamata quindi così in suo onore…. Città strategica proprio per la sua posizione a “guardia” delle bocche di Bonifacio, come protezione per le incursioni dai Saraceni.Passata sotto varie mani nei secoli (Genovesi, Francesi, Corsi, ecc. ecc.) fino a rimanere Francese ai giorni nostri. Tra l’altro si parla ancora il ligure antico in quella città, una lingua ormai scomparsa in italia, ma viva dal 1200 nella cittadina…….. Che storia!!!
    Via….ora dicci le sorprese…..non ci tenere sulle spine! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio.

  2. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buongiorno Mr Cavalli, che bello mare in Italia. Mi manca da morire, buon riposo, buon divertimento.Tantissime saluti da Frøydis in Norvegia

  3. J.Bergman
    J.Bergman says:

    Bellisiomo …. Italia e cosi bello ….. ! Grazie per essere con noi … e che noi possiamo essere parte della tua vita ! Bacio Bergman

  4. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli Piana Island looks like a paradise!!! What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the photos and videos. Most of all I enjoyed the video of you and Lupo. He’s too cute! Hope you enjoyed your boat trip 🙂

    Kisses and hugs



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