221. I wish you a peaceful holiday in the company of your families…

Roberto Cavalli @ Cavallo221. I wish you a peaceful holiday in the company of your families…

I left the French Riviera behind me and, on board the agile and fast Bat-zodiac, I’m heading to Corsica. My final destination is Cavallò Island.

I have always loved the sea, I could never live without a boat. A boat that is not too big… one you can take care of yourself when you are captain, sailor, cook and dreamer…!

Several years ago I was drawn to buy a mooring spot in a small boat harbor that was being created on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Cavallò. Words cannot describe the beauty of this island… the color of the water changes with the color of the sky… 1000 shades of blue and turquoise… the texture of the sand differs from one bay to another…

Cavallò is located between Sardinia and Corsica, exactly at the beginning of the channel separating the two islands. This channel is well known for its strong to very strong winds and it is therefore often impossible to navigate from one island to another with a small boat.

The strong winds, the turbulence of the sea and the continuous movement of the waves create a perfect smoothing of the rocks that surround Cavallò making it look unreal, like a lunar landscape!

The atmosphere of the island is unique, soft and romantic. A small hotel – its rooms are bungalows situated between the cliffs and beach – a perfect place to meet with your friends. Each year the event is scheduled for August 10th so we can watch the shooting stars…

The harbor is charming… designed as a place to moor for short periods rather as a fully featured harbor. Cavallò has always been my favorite destination, the island has seen Daniele grow and Rachele become a young lady…

Rachele, Cristiana and their families are already at Cavallò waiting for me… I cannot wait to spend a few days of tranquility with my grandchildren… the part of my grandfather’s role I like most is to tell them first hand the whole experience of my life… all the emotions…

Christiana shares with me my passion for the sea and this year she bought a beautiful sailing boat with which to explore the Mediterranean…

Dear friends, I have to leave now, I can already hear the voices of my grandchildren who reclaim me… I have to devote all my time to them…

I wish you a peaceful holiday in the company of your families…

Un abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli

The Bat-Zodiac - Cavallo Island

The Bat-Zodiac – Cavallo Island

Cavallò Island

Cavallò Island

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  1. Adrian van Loon
    Adrian van Loon says:

    Dear Roberto,

    Thanks for your so nice and poetic words and wishes.
    I too wish you and your family a happy and peaceful holiday.
    Your description of Cavollò reminds me of the impressive beauty of San Blas, Panama.
    I don’t know if you have ever seen and experienced the “belleza” of this archipelago at the Atlantic side of Panama, not so far from Colon; all tiny, whiter than white, stamps, dropped out of heaven.
    San Blas carries even lots of Dutch history, but perhaps I should not be too proud of that.
    Mind you, although being Dutch and loving boats, I am far from a “sailor”.
    But I love watching boats from the shore and have many friends who sailed around the world and some are still doing so.
    I live at the seaside here in southern Spain and can watch every day of the year small and big boats, coming in, or leaving our beautiful port here at Sotogrande, heading to other ports of the Mediterranean, or towards the Street of Gibraltar with as destiny the “old-new” world of the Americas.

    Once more, enjoy your stay and keep us inspiring.

    Adrian van Loon



  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!
    Anche noi ti auguriamo Buon Vacanze!!! Riposati…..divertiti…..e ricarica le batterie!
    E me lo sento… quest’anno può davvero essere “l’anno” per la nostra Viola…..
    Ci vediamo a settembre! 🙂
    Un abbraccione a te a tutta la tua famiglia.


  3. Guido Trotto
    Guido Trotto says:

    Grande Roberto…! Spero di aver allietato le vostre serate con la mia musica, e conto di rivedervi il prossimo anno per un’altra meravigliosa stagione in quest’isola stupenda.
    Guido Trotto

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