156. Two Candles for Seven Kids…

Roberto Cavalli156. Two Candles for Seven Kids…

A special evening, perhaps because it is happens only once a year. For your birthday “everybody” feels compelled to be nice, kind.

My whole life is marked by appearances and that goes even on the day that makes me older, so to speak.  This is the day after which you will be forced to declare one more year, if you want to tell the truth about your age!

Roberto Eva and Rachele CavalliMy seven grandchildren are wonderful. I will describe them all to you in order of age…:

ESTER… the first flower that bloomed in my garden was born October 4, the same day that my mother died. This coincidence has always made me think!

MARIA EVA, the second flower… very fragrant and colorful… sweet… she will be important in the future of the fashion house… she loves fashion, maybe too much…

SARA, a girl of with the delicacy of fine porcelain… sweetness has a beauty of its own… her smile leaves a lasting impression!

ANNA, the naughty one… her character intrigues… she wants your attention… without being any trouble!  She teases my imagination.  When she is not around… I miss her.

MARIA CARLA, I could write an entire blog about her… two years and a half, she doesn’t speak but she makes you understand everything.  Adorable, special with hair like fine spun gold… I call her “Fili D’Oro”.

GABRIELE, he is the gift of God to Cristiana, “la mia piccola grande donna.” Imagine being the only male in the “Gang of Grandchildren” among so many female cousins​​!  A head of curly blond hair makes him look like a real angel!  He Is wonderful… a few days ago, he posed as a model in some photos for the Cavalli Junior campaign!

MARIA SOLE, seven months old, reminds me of Rachele when she was her age!  The last flower to blossom in my garden…  

Roberto CavalliMy field is big… I have lots of space…

Many flowers will blossom and I will be there to water them and help make them strong and beautiful!

Roberto CavalliRoberto Cavalli BirthdayRoberto Cavalli Birthday

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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    Seven wonderful promises, each one with his/her own personality. I am very impressed by Maria Sole. Her expression is that of a very bright child. Hers is not the expression of a seven month old baby, at all! She will have a very strong personality. She is “one hundred” percent Cavalli. I see a lot of Rachele in Maria Eva. DELICIOUS looking cakes!!!

  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    ne é circondato… che belle nipotine/i l’adorano,si vede dai loro occhi…graziosi i cuoricini!!!!!
    TUTTO AMORE E PEPEROCINO..direi gl’ingredienti giusti!!!!!
    Bé uno anche da parte mia <3
    Con Affetto
    Marí 😀

  3. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grandi Ester,Maria Eva, Sara, Anna, Maria Carla, Gabriele, Maria Sole…..!!!
    Troppo, troppo, troppo belline!!!
    E troppo troppo troppo bellino anche Gabriele!!! 🙂
    Che spettacolo che sono!!
    Tantissimi auguri ancora Cavalli…..!
    Un abbraccione a tutti e 8 🙂

  4. mufetta
    mufetta says:

    Che bella la foto con i tuoi nipoti!
    E che bello questo blog…. mi ci sono imbattuta qualche giorno fa, quasi per sbaglio…. e sinceramente non riesco a smettere di leggere. Grazie Roberto, per tutte le emozioni che riesci a comunicare e a trasmettere!

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