19. I am at Nobu

I am at Nobu, I am eating delicious raw fish.
The waiter knows me well so he doesn’t ask me to order – he knows my favorite dishes.
I came here to relax, I had a busy morning, more interviews…

Journalists have fun asking the strangest things. Many of them enjoy letting me talk as my answers are always unusual. I like to surprise and look different!

My showroom is packed with all my fantasy, fancy dresses, shorts, ultra short and so much color… Colors always put you in the right mood!

Heidi Klum - Roberto Cavalli

Heidi Klum - Roberto Cavalli

Heidi Klum arrived with her camera crew punctually at noon.
She is gorgeous, sweet and sexy. Her beautiful smile made me forget the fatigue and the problems. I am going to be the star of an episode of her show on German TV.
We must choose sexy long dresses for two young German models.
It’s not hard! The two girls are very beautiful and do not need my dresses to make them look sexy.

Heidi is very amusing and sweet. Her professionalism makes me uninhibited and spontaneous.

The girls try on beautiful long evening dresses.
They will accompany Heidi to the grand amfAR evening – a special charity event for the benefit of children dying of AIDS in Africa.

At my two tables I shall have so many fabulous and famous guests, but don’t anticipate anything.
It will be my surprise for the next post…

A big kiss

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Certo che mi hai davvero incuriosito con questo Nobu!!
    Uno (dei tanti, innumerevoli) doni che hai, è una tavolozza di colori inesauribile, uniti poi a contrasti, riflessi, sfumature, striature… Diventa una fonte davvero infinita dove addirittura la natura stessa potrebbe attingerci per ispirarsi!
    Credo che le modelle non avranno bisogno dei tuoi aibiti per apparire sexy (se poi sei tu a dirlo diviene una certezza) però ne hanno bisogno per diventare uniche!
    Roberto… Sorprendici ancora una volta! …E divertiti!!

    We love you too


  2. yana
    yana says:

    Da Nobu portano a tavola IL PESCE crudo o pezzi di pesce crudo? Una volta in qualche ristorante Japponese mi hanno porato a tavola un piatto bellissimo decorato con orchidee e una testa di pesce – sembrava proprio vivo… Fin’ a quando non é SALTATO DAL PIATTO!!!! Quel pesce ERA vivo!!! che orrore… (non so se mi sono spiegata – stavamo mangiando pezzi di un pesce vivo!!!!!!) Quasi quasi sarei diventata vegetariana quel giorno… Ma non lo faró mai – é troppo buono:))))))

    Sarei curiosa di vedere una foto di Heidi come era vestita nel Suo showroom, cioé come si veste normalmente, da “giorno lavorativo”… Vorrei vedere anche una foto del Suo showroom – adoro colori accesi!!!

  3. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli!!! I love your photo with Heidi Klum. You both look adorable!!! She looks gorgeous in that dress! I love your look too Mr. Cavalli!! You’ve got nice watch by the way 😉
    Can’t wait for the surprise you will share in your next post!!!




  4. abbe
    abbe says:

    If only you knew what a cosmic impact your blog is having, things you maybe would never have considered. Like two days ago I ran into this person I know, one of these people who always tries to impress by name dropping and saying silly things. He talked about how he just came back from Miami, and of all the people in the world he chose to hang out with (in his head), it was guess who.
    He said he saw you with Giuseppe Cipriani. In Miami.
    What can one say to such a person? I told him “I’m pretty sure Roberto Cavalli is here in NY,” and then he had this whole fantasy about how he spoke to you and you told him that you are coming to New York.
    It’s almost sad he has no idea what a fool he made of himself. Someday when it is time to do business and he wonders what went wrong, I will have to decide whether I am strong enough to say the word “liar” to his face.

    • yana
      yana says:

      HAHAHA:))))))) Abbe, this is SO FUNNY:))))

      BUT…. consider that we don’t know EVERYTHING Mr Cavalli does… plus we know it ONE DAY LATER! plus HE OWNS AN AIRPLANE!!!! I’m telling you all this because it seems like he went to LAS VEGAS AFTER ARRIVING IN NEW YORK! (this is almost embarrassing, but I have to confess that after all these years I finally created a twitter account JUST TO FOLLOW ROBERTO CAVALLI there:)))

      hmmmm…. this trip to Las Vegas might be the surprise that he promised us in the next post:))))

  5. abbe
    abbe says:

    Hah, thank you, Yana! I made a twitter account long ago but never use it, maybe I should reconsider just for this purpose!
    Okay, well if I give this person the benefit of the doubt, he will only have you to thank! 🙂

    • yana
      yana says:

      I thought that might be the surprise:))))

      guess what, I’m already wearing your new parfum:))) it was supposed to be my Valentine’s Day’s present but I was at home when it arrived so I HAD to open it immediately:)) at the beginning I thought it would be impossible to top Serpentine but I was wrong… I’m not sure about the turquoise stripe on the packaging… it catches attention, but looks like it doesn’t belong there… and the parfum… the more time passes the better it gets, how can I describe it?.. it almost makes me feel drunk, or is it similar to the smell of some champaigne???

    • abbe
      abbe says:

      oh! Mr Cavalli,
      Um, just by some chance, if you happen to decide to swing by the Grammys in LA… and maybe you happen to run into Maxwell…
      I don’t want to sound like one of those silly name-droppers (too late! i know, sorry) but Maxwell and I are co-workers (and friends) from way back before he was so famous. Well, there is this thing here in New York and evidently he is “trying to change [his] flight,” so if by some chance all the planets align spectacularly or something… well, I mean, you have an airplane after all, and he needs a ride. I am just putting that out there, thank you. Because otherwise I will have just wasted a wonderful gift.

      I know I sound completely crazy, but sometimes it feels much better to be delusional than to give up a beautiful dream. 🙂

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