25. Do you know how to play Black Jack?

Do you know how to play Black Jack?
The dealer gives you two cards and two cards for himself (the bank) the face cards count ten, if you have a score over 21 you’re out. There are so many little rules to this gambling game that it is not easy to explain and like all gambling games, you need a good dose of luck!

There are lots of tables for each type of game and hundreds of slot machines that create the atmosphere of the casino, full of absurd sounds.
I like to look around, elegance and glamor does not exist here and certainly this is not a fashion environment.

It is hard to find so many Brutte Persone in the same place at the same time.
I’m sorry to judge, but this is the truth. Vulgarity, ignorance and bad manners are the ingredients that make Las Vegas particularly special!
The boisterous shouts of joy when a player wins and the swearing at any kind of a loss are part of the folklore!

Las Vegas is Las Vegas. Americans love to see some of their musical idols up close! Fifty percent of the people are grossly overweight. Las Vegas, a Disneyland for adults only!

Many Chinese are playing baccarat, it seems a stupid game to me but it appeals to them. It is a game in which so much is left to pure chance with the player having few choices, too few for me, depending on the game of baccarat being played. Either the player wins the bank wins or it is tie.

Upon arriving, I tried my luck at roulette. I always play the same numbers – 17, 20, 21 and 29. Today I have more imagination, I extend my plays with a 4, a 5 and a 27.

I’m going to play Poker. U.S. poker is so fashionable at the moment. There are plenty of tables, 8-9 players each table.
There is often a long wait before you can find a place at the table.
The players are young, very young – some of them are professionals I recognize from TV. Poker excites me mostly when I decide to bluff!

This is my typical day in Las Vegas.
A little sun tanning, play, some great restaurants and a unique show, especially those of Cirque du Soleil!
These are the pictures of my two mega bedrooms at the MGM Hotel.

MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

MGM Hotel

Now I’m going to rest, I played and I lost too much… maybe I’m lucky in love!


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Fortunato in amore lo sei senza dubbio ed è la migliore fortuna che si possa chiedere!!! Spero però che in questo caso, il mio amore, non abbia contribuito alla tua sfiga di ieri… Me ne sento in parte responsabile!
    Il black jack mi ha sempre affascinato, l’ho visto più volte rappresentato nei vari film ambientati nei casinò.. Però nessuno me l’ha mai spiegato, chissà… Forse un giorno chiederò proprio a te di spiegarmelo!! Il poker invece mi è piaciuto fin da bambino. 
    Allora hai scelto l’ MGM… Bellissime camere!
    Cosa dire… Buon riposo Maestro, non pensare a quello che hai perso ma solo alla fortuna derivata da chi ti ama.

    We love you too


  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Ciao Roberto!!
    E’ come quando si và allo stadio…se la Viola gioca bene e vince siamo contenti…se gioca bene e perde abbiamo l’amaro in bocca….ma comunque ci siamo divertiti…
    Il brutto è quando si perde e si gioca male…lì non ce ne è per nessuino!!!
    In ogni caso quando hai giocato, ti sei divertito, sei stato bene ed hai sorriso…..secondo me hai già vinto! 🙂

    In ogni caso è proprio vero.. sei fortunato in amore !!!! 🙂
    Belle le foto !

    Un Abbraccio.


  3. yana
    yana says:

    hahaha, Mathias, allora é tutta colpa tua:))))) meno male che sono innamorata solo dello suo stile é non di lui, altrimenti perderebbe ancora di piú:)))))

    io mi immaginavo i casinó sempre pieni di gente bellissima con vestiti da sera:))) quante cose nuove impariamo qui:)))) GRAZIE ANCORA:))))))

  4. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Ciao! Belle foto, sara bello essere li, divertiti, la vita e troppo corta per essere triste.Buona giornata di nuovo. Tanti saluti da Frøydis

  5. simo
    simo says:

    sei il mio idolo,sei un mito!mi piaceva avere la fortuna di lavorare per te…abbiamo tanto in comune…faccio ,,one mann show,,cioe,modello,taglio,cucito!questo e il vero stilista!kiss

  6. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli reading your post has made me experience one day in Vegas with you! You’re truly amazing!! I love the way you describe the atmosphere of the casino. I also like to know your opinion on things around you. It helps to find out more about your personality, your taste and preferance. Roberto your apartment looks incredible!! The rooms are so huge! Guess it’s easy to get lost there lol Kisses and hugs.. I LOVE YOU… AnnaSofi

  7. abbe
    abbe says:

    The Chinese play Baccarat because they are mathematical people, and this game has the highest odds of them all, 50/50. Only black/red roulette can match those odds. This is why there are so few Baccarat tables in any casino, and the minimum bets are so high (except in those casinos where they are desperate for players, and even then the bets are only low at the “mini” tables); the casinos have the greatest chance of losing at Baccarat.
    If you think your chances of winning are greater at other games because you maintain “control,” that is a misconception; the very definition of ratio makes it incorrect. (Only poker may give you an advantage, because you play other players and not the house.)
    Just sayin.

  8. Roa
    Roa says:

    Wauw, what an beautiful room you are staying at mister Cavalli. I really envy your life mister Cavalli. All the traveling, meeting people and experience new things all the time. You deserve it, you work hard for it and you really inspire me to keep working hard and succeed in what I do, so soon I hope to live the life I dream of.

    Lots of love,

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