307. Traveling around the Mediterranean…

Roberto Cavalli @RC_Lupo307. Traveling around the Mediterranean…

My grandchildren are all lined up on the dock, they have come to see us off. We leave the port of Cavallo late in the morning heading south.

I will see my little angels again at the end of August when I return to Florence… I already miss them…

Our departure is delayed. Going on a trip by sea requires the utmost care in checking the equipment on board, the engines and supplies.

A simple problem in the middle of the sea can turn a pleasant holiday in an unpleasant adventure…

The Bat-zodiac is like a sports car. It can give you great satisfaction but you always have to give it the best care…

This year I decided to go to Greece. I programmed the on-board instruments for our destination. No maps and no compasses nor complicated calculations… all computerized! Radar, GPS, depth sounders… navigation nowadays is no longer based on the observation of the stars…

The technology, however, cannot remove the most beautiful spectacle in the universe… the observation of a starry sky at night with a super Moon and meteor showers streaking across the heavens…

Away from the light pollution of the cities, the observation of the night sky when you are out at sea is a special feeling … a free show that happens every night… it gives me the feeling of how big infinity is… how big is God…

I skirted the east coast of Sardinia for a while and then directed the bow towards the Eolian Islands and across the Strait of Messina.

My next destination is the port of Crotone where we shall stop for a night… get supplies… then on to the next destination which is Greece with its gorgeous islands and the unmistakable scents of that part of the Mediterranean…

Maybe we can meet for a drink in Corfu …


Roberto Cavalli





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  1. Gabriela Ghorbani
    Gabriela Ghorbani says:

    Oh wonderful Roberto!
    Have a great time and what a beautiful picture of your grandchildren!

    We just got back from an amazing adventure in Kenya and planning on Maldives again sometime soon
    Hope to run in to you sometime agian!


  2. Liz Holloway
    Liz Holloway says:

    Dear Roberto
    We saw your yacht in Ibiza Old Town last week when we were also there. I love your cushions! We are on Trilogy now back in Puerto Portals, Mallorca. My nieces just a little older than your delightful grand children but equally adorable! Enjoy storing your holiday memories and happy travelling.
    Liz, Rachel, Ellie, Freya and Claudia x

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    BON VOYAGE, Mr. Cavalli!!! Some fascinating sea journey awaits you. Besides the awesome Greek islands, I would be interested in sailing to the Strait of Dardanelles (Hellespont), the Sea of Marmara (Propontis) and the Strait of Bosphorus. I would love to visit Istanbul (besides its beauty, it is a city where they know how to cook lamb). And, of course, I would be delighte to sail around (and visit) Cyprus and Crete. I fell in love with that area when I was translating Shakespeare’s Othello. At that time I rediscovered Venice. I had already fallen in love with its Byzantine beauty, but its history gave the city a depth I had not discovered so deeply in my very early twenties. The world will always be in debt with Italy, as I always say. Congrats for having such lovely grandchildren! One can tell they adore you. Gabriele’s expression denotes a great fascination for you, no less than you feel for him. By the way, my oldest son began reading Dickens, H.G.Wells and Salgari when he was six and he taught himself computer programming when he was eight and a half. He was not interested in computer games then. And, of course, he became an engineer and a writer. Saluti

  4. John
    John says:

    Hello roberto
    Thank you for choise again my country the greek island for your vacation and relax.Dont forget greek people love italy and italian people.
    We are neighbors and brothers.

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