Roberto Cavalli with Lenny Kravitz

333. Lenny Kravitz, Charisma Rock!

Roberto Cavalli with Lenny Kravitz333. Lenny Kravitz, Charisma Rock!

I am in Milan, my second home, for business meetings and I could not miss the opportunity to meet with a dear friend Lenny Kravitz. He is in Milan for his “Strut European Tour”. It was his only date in Milan and I couldn’t miss it!

A great performance, full of energy… positive energy… his music, presence and charisma captured and held the audience…we were entranced! I found myself enjoying every song and dance like a young boy…

I remember my first encounter with Lenny Kravitz! I was in New York and he was crazy about my fashion. I had just launched my first men’s collection, it was a rock style collection, perfectly suited to his style. We became instant friends. I began to become a part of his family, “the white brother” as he used to call me!

Every night we would meet for big dinners with friends, members of his band, his sister Cynthia and several cousins, almost all born and raised in the Bronx. I liked to ask him questions and get to know his origins, his history and how his passion for music grew inside him.

Music had no secrets for him. It is in his DNA… just as fashion is in mine! I remember one evening at a dinner party, he received a phone call that informed him that his drummer had had a little accident and therefore could not attend the private concert for President Clinton scheduled for the following night.

Lenny immediately started the search for a drummer. After a long round of phone calls he organized an auditioning in a concert hall. I followed him. I was very curious to know about this fascinating world… so different from my own…

When we arrived there he started right away on the guitar and began to dictate the time. He began his song. The others had to follow him.

To me it all sounded fantastic and perfect but Lenny was not happy. He put his guitar on the floor and started to play the drums. He wanted to show them how they should perform his songs.

Incredible! He began to improvise and then became caught up in the desire to show me something special – a dazzling Jazz drum solo – the kind that gives you goose bumps!

I love the emotions his music evokes! Thanks Lenny! A fascinating man, loved by women and admired by men.

Un abbraccio…


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    I do not know much about Lenny Kravitz, except that he is very popular. I have looked him up and was very happy to see he has a great CV. He is the son of two well known tv personalities. His mother is an actress and his father, russian-jewish- is a news producer. Lenny was born in Manhattan and grew up in the Upper East Side. What matters the most to me is that he looks like a great guy. Saluti

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