433. A Terrible Tragedy.

433. A Terrible Tragedy.

At 3:36 am on August 24, 2016, a terrible tragedy befell some small towns in central Italy including Amatrice, Accumoli, Pescara del Tronto and Sommati.  An earthquake reduced large areas of these wonderful communities to rubble.

These small villages are in the earthquake zone we know as the Umbria-Marche Apennines.  Their history dates back to the prehistoric era.  In the past few decades these communities have suffered a number of earthquakes.   We know that Nature is capable of such destruction on such an enormous scale – and all within a matter of seconds.
This terrible tragedy took people completely by surprise – no warning – in the middle of the night, killing hundreds and injuring more, destroying many families and many communities, forever.

Many, buried in the rubble of their homes, were rescued thanks to relentless work of rescuers who risked their own lives working during aftershocks and tremors to search for survivors. They worked to the point of exhaustion and beyond in a race against time. Thanks to them and those who worked expertly and tirelessly in nearby hospitals, many lives were saved and many have been given a chance of a new future.  We cannot thank them all enough, but we can try to help the members of these communities to a better future.

In Fashion we apply considerable skills regularly to change designs and adopt the best and most innovative materials to dress ourselves.

We are a nation of skillful, resourceful people.  I call upon all of us for a multidisciplinary approach to challenge ourselves to develop better building codes, better house and infrastructure designs and better materials so that we can build new communities in which these wonderful, stoical people can raise their families in safety and dignity.  Let us share our skills, our ideas and our determination for a better future.

Why accept a fate so cruel, one that denies forever a caress, a kiss, a hug, the first day of school, the first love…
There is no reason why we should continue to suffer to such an extent from such a tragedy.

This is not just a local problem but a universal one to which I invite you all to help find a solution.


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  1. Michell Yan
    Michell Yan says:

    love you italy , love you , brave and great italian people , I stand with you in china , in chengdu with you , am sure, more beautiful and brighter days are forward waiting for you , chengdu has also sufferied to the terrible earthquake but now we have built the life better , italian people will also have brighter future soon , be brave , my italian friends and I love all of you . best wishes for all of you ..Michelle Yan in Chengdu

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