My recent trip to the Far East

I recently returned to Florence from a trip to one of the most interesting parts of the world, the Far East.
During my travels I visited beautiful places and I took lots of photos. I was overwhelmed by the incredible mix of colors, smells and emotions. There is so much to see in this part of the world and I wish i could have extended by trip.

Traveling is a source of endless inspiration for me, I love meeting new people and different culture. When I travel I find inspiration from every little thing around me, a smile, a flower, the incredible combination of colors that nature blesses us with every day. It is through my travels that i am reminded to thank God for this world. We must care and pay attention to both small and big things in life. In front of the majesty of this world we are all equal.

This incredible journey led me to Borneo, Papua, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tbilisi. I would like to thank everyone I met for the warm hospitality I received.

Borneo is a fantastic place, full of nature and beauty and amazing colors. The deep green of the jungle and the amazing colors of flowers were breathtaking. Although the nature mesmerized me, the most memorable part of my journey was to discover the joy of the people. Although surrounded by poverty, everyone is smiling and happy. It seems as though they know how to really appreciate life. This once again confirmed my belief that you do not need much in life to be happy.

I saw the orangutang, one of the most intelligent primates, so close to humans. The way they move, how they care for their children, a fascinating animal. I love being so close to the wild world, to appreciate nature. I slept
in a tent, I brought with me only my camera, a couple of t-shirts and two pairs of jeans. Being so far away from civilization I was able to appreciate the simplicity and the majestic beauty of those places.

In Papua, I met the Korowai tribe to which I have brought medicine and candy for children. The Korowai was one of the last tribes to practice cannibalism, no longer in use since 1970. They live in huts built on top of incredible trees and only some of them became literate. It was very difficult to take their photos, but I managed get a few great shots.

Singapore was my next stop. Being only one degree below the equator, I really liked the mix of cultures. It seemed to me as if it was the place where Europe merges with Asia. The city was incredibly clean and tidy, there are botanical gardens and fine shops everywhere. Everyone was dressed according to the latest trends and have a special sensitivity for fashion. Audi Singapore Fashion Festival was a great experience where I had the opportunity to show my latest creations. It was a big surprise to receive an award for the 40 years of the fashion house, and I want to thank everyone who contributed to these first 40 years and helped realize my dream.

My next stop was Bangkok, my first visit to this city dates back about thirty years ago and I must say that many things have changed since then. Bangkok is now an international city, tourists everywhere, and like the first time I had the same excitement. Bangkok truly is a place full of colors where all are so kind and where they have a special way of appreciating life.

Once again I boarded my plane, next stop Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the natural gateway to China,the gateway to an infinite world of trade and new opportunities. China is one of the most important emerging markets in the world.
Hong Kong, like Singapore is a mix of cultures, with people from around the world.

Northwest, next destination: Tbilisi, is the largest city and capital of Georgia. Tbilisi, literally “hot spring” is a place full of history and culture with beautiful architecture. Tbilisi has given birth to some of the more famous artists and dancers. I was hosted by the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. I brought him a blanket I had designed but he told me that he would not have
the opportunity to use it since he is so busy that does not even have time to sleep.

Georgia was my last stop and it is now time to return to my beautiful Florence. I wanted to extend this fantastic voyage, but the demands of work require me to return. This year is the 40th anniversary of my fashion house and I’m working on new projects, but this is a topic for a future note…

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  1. zulf
    zulf says:

    YOU are a living LEGEND, so much CHARISMA and dedication to your passion…
    no wonder we can never get enough of your “medicine”,
    cause we all SUFFER from FASHION VIRUS…and it keep replicating itself…

  2. Barbara Estevez
    Barbara Estevez says:

    That is why I read about you and feed myself with your knoledge. You are an incredible person, there is not duda about it. Keep your way and show us all how to be like you.
    Thanks for sharing with us your adventure.

  3. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Sono questi i più bei segreti che portano Roberto a realizzare quello che solo lui è in grado di fare? Questo continuo mix culture, di visitare metropoli e villaggi che unite alla sua fantasia riesce a manifestare e sposare il tutto?
    Che belle parole che si leggono su questo post… Realmente non trovo parole per esprimere la poesia che l’articolo ha smosso e… In ogni riga si manifesta come una sorta di “credo” nascente da questa continua meraviglia e voglia di scoprire quanto ci circonda.
    Ogni post avvalla e sottoscrive ogni mio pensiero su questo grande artista.

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