231. What Emotion!

Roberto Cavalli231. What Emotion!

I’m thrilled… the thrill of the vigil… the waiting-for… the eve-of-something… an emotion different from that which precedes my fashion show… an emotion that involves me directly… my life, my affections… the thrill of my book launch today…

Only a few hours to go now… I mentally re-read my notes, each page is stamped indelibly on my mind… every page is a piece of real life. My life, my adventure…

Re-reading the book I wonder if today I did the same things over again… YES! Of course…! Je ne regrette rien! NO REGRETS…!!! My choices proved to be winning ones!

I never imagined that my life would have been so interesting, so intense… I entered the world of fashion to know the most beautiful women and pay tribute to their beauty with my fashion…I discovered a fantasy world full of emotions… I created without limits … I have had a chance to show the world my art… I have experienced… I have experimented… I innovated…

I’ve never been alone, my angel was always with me… his presence has always illuminated the way… thanks dad!

I have to go, I cannot be late… I leave you with un grande bacio…


Roberto Cavalli


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  1. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli my congratulations for your book launch today! It’s a fabulous event for all Cavalli lovers! I’m so happy to get an opportunity and find out more about you and your amazing life. I’ve always been a big fan of you Roberto.. I adore you as a person not just a fashion artist, i feel you are an artist for life.. Mr. Cavalli your imagination has no limits.. I’m absolutely in love with you, your fashion and other wonderful projects like Cavalli Club in Dubai and Cavalli Caffees all over the world.

    Kisses and hugs



  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli !!!
    Mamma mia che emozione deve essere…. un libro sulla propria vita (e che vita aggiungerei……)
    Sono sicuro, anzi stra-sicuro che farai un figurone, e che il libro non solo sarà un successo, ma sarà soprattutto un messaggio, un bel messaggio, per chi lo leggerà…..
    Buona Fortuna!
    PS: E se alla presentazione ci fossero anche Braschi o Nicchi….digli che i rigori ce li diano la domenica anche se non siamo il Milan!!! (scusa lo sfogo…..)
    Un Abbraccione!! 🙂

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    VERY different emotions, indeed, you are living today, Mr. Cavalli. As William Shakespeare put it on Iago’s mouth (“Othello”, 1.1.63-64): “…I will wear my heart upon my sleeve/For daws to peak at…” RELAX today: take a long walk on your “collina”, swim on your gorgeous jacuzzi, go to bed early and enjoy each minute of the thrilling experience that awaits for you tomorrow.

    • Maia
      Maia says:

      The BIG day is obviously tomorrow, since that is when the book will be in the bookstores. Today’s presentation has no secrets for you, as everyone knows. My quote of William Shakespeare’s lines only applies to the reception of your fascinating autobiography by the general public…, and counts on your possibility of getting to Milan from Florence in a short time with your beautiful private jet.

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