219. Mediterranean Sea, the sea of a thousand faces…

Roberto Cavalli

219. Mediterranean Sea, the sea of ​​a thousand faces…

The Mediterranean Sea is the sea of ​​a thousand faces … from the noisy holiday makers of Ibiza to the secret beaches of Sardinia … from the charming Saint-Tropez to Montenegro’s discreet Budva…

I love this… the Mediterranean Sea offers so many beauties for all seasons… all so different… each one is unique…the Mediterranean Sea always manages to please everyone!

When I designed the big boat my intention was to create a fast and powerful vessel in which I could easily move through the Mediterranean, but then I went a little overboard adding marble, granite, and all sorts of accessories for maximum comfort and to be able to enjoy a Jacuzzi while underway… I then found myself with a Mega Boat not quite as fast and agile as I had originally intended…

This is one of the reasons why Freedom was born, my Inflatable Bat-performance like a formula one… fast, agile, with hydro-jet engine technology… so different from traditional propellers!

I decided to spend a few days in the company of good friends on the Mega Boat which is ideal for entertaining guests… The Captain and crew are really good and they offer impeccable seamanship, every detail is perfect… I really ought to spend more time on the Mega Boat…!

Our final destination is Saint-Tropez, I opened my first boutique in Saint-Tropez in the early seventies and now I am there to attend the grand opening of the Cavalli Caffè… what an emotion… it will be the first Cavalli Café on French soil… I am sure it will bring me luck…

Now for a little relaxation in the pleasant company of my guests before facing the clamor of the party… the fans… the photographers… the journalists… the interviews…

I try to explain the concept to Lupo, who looks at me amazed from under the table where he has found shelter from the scorching midsummer sun. He seems to be wondering… “when is our next swim…?”

Un grande bacio…


Roberto Cavalli

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

The Big Boat compared to the Bat-zodiac / La Grande barca e il Bat-gommone

The Big Boat compared to the Bat-zodiac / La Grande barca e il Bat-gommone



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  1. Kamal L Wyatt
    Kamal L Wyatt says:

    Hello Sir, I was trying to sleep for it is near 2 am here in LA. But I can not, so it was nice to see your blog to read. What awoke me was a strange sound out side my patio door. The sound of something falling from the roof top. To my pleasant surprise it was the sound of rain. A very rare thing here. I ran and grabbed my camera to capture the night’s glittering drops, but before I could set the proper exposure, the rain had stop falling till all was left was a few drops of water dripping from leaves of near by palm trees. So I stored my camera back in its place and tried to lay down again. Since I could not sleep, I checked my email and what do I see but a photo of Snr Cavalli with arms spread out as if on top of the world – la dolce vita! A million years of succes to you and your staff. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to enjoy it if only in verse and vista. Good night. KW

  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli !!
    Un’altra tua opera d’arte stà per essere inaugurata a Saint Tropez……
    Come si dice in gergo…. ma quante ne faI???
    Ed In ogni caso…. non fermarti mai!!! :)))
    Sarà sicuramente un successo……(e te lo meriti!)
    Divertiti !!
    Un Abbraccione.


    PS: ma che Fiorentina stiamo facendo quest’anno??!!?!?!? Alla Grande!!!! 🙂

  3. Maia
    Maia says:

    Congrats for rounding up your presence in Saint-Tropez with the new Cavalli Caffè. You are a unique artist and entrepreneur. I love the Mediterranean Sea for it’s calmed waters and it’s elegant beauty. But I cannot forget the awesome beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico and the rest of the Antilles, together with The Bahamas, are Paradise on Earth. I prefer Freedom’s discreet presence and beauty, but recognize your big boat is what we call in Spanish “una pasada” (amazing, with capital letters). Keep creative, enthusiastic and free to decide for yourself, together with your very highly professional staff.

  4. Stella
    Stella says:

    Complimenti! Bella Barca…. Fa bene a rilassarsi un po’… buone vacanze!
    Cosa mi consiglia come vacanza in Costa azzurra? Dove andare di bello?

    La ringrazio sperando che possa rispondere… anche se credo che si stia riposando e non abbia temp oe voglia per rispondere.

    Tanti cari saluti anche a Lupo

  5. yana
    yana says:

    Mi fa impazzire questo colore “changeant”, mi ipnotizza… oggi ho comprato occhiali da sole con le lenti che cambiano tonalità per me e i bimbi ma mi piacciono cosi tanto che penso di comprare altri da portare come souvenirs per i miei colleghi in Germania:)))

  6. Adrian van Loon
    Adrian van Loon says:

    Dear Roberto,

    I don´t know if you ever have been in Sotogrande, southern Spain.
    Although we are next door to Marbella and Puerto Banus, we are a quite different world.
    Lots of well known international names will confirm this statement and many will share my “most worth to be visited”.
    I am sure lots of our residents and visitors will be very pleased too seeing both creations from nearby in our port and marina, from where you almost can touch the rock of Gibraltar.
    Should you ever decide to “boat-in”, please let me know, as I would also love to show you why a “Cavalli Café” would fit perfectly here and for sure be very welcome.

    And please keep on designing.

    Adrian van Loon / Sotogrande

  7. Makeba
    Makeba says:

    Hey Roberto! Love the boat…Baglietto makes some beautiful vessels. I have a little boat that I am re-decorating now. To make is fabulous & luxurious! I am an architect who usually works on houses but I have started to design some boats & hope to build one in the future.
    Enjoy your holidays with all the beautiful ladies!

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