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377. Summer, Nature, its Colours, its Scents…

Roberto Cavalli377. Summer, Nature, its Colours, its Scents…

I returned to Florence, where I found a pleasant surprise, the Summer is already here!

After the Spring, awakening nature is now preparing to embrace the Summer season by wearing the most beautiful colours. The sun is higher in the Heavens and so the shadows have changed and now colours are strong, saturated. A symphony of colours to celebrate the rebirth of life…

I remember when I was a child discovering the fireflies, beautiful and silent as only dreams and wishes can be. Fireflies lit the summer nights in the fields surrounding the house of my grandfather in via Maragliano, they are a part of the magic of nature.

As a young man I remember that in the Summer we spent more time outside, the days were longer and after hours spent talking while sitting on the “muretti” – those low walls you can find in the outskirt of cities – we spread out in search of more romantic places to withdraw with our girlfriends. The lucky ones, the ones who owned a car, were presented with more opportunities than those who went on foot. Even Vespas and Lambrettas helped us get away from prying eyes, to be able to find a little privacy somewhere. We would then accompany the girls home just in time for the ten o’clock curfew. That was the canonical time a girl had to be home in those days.

Summer is my favourite season… the explosion of colours .. outdoor living… the sea… a continuous inspiration! I like to transfer these emotions to my clothes, to my prints. The Summer’s gift to us is the joy of living!

I am always in constant quest of the Summer and, when work allows me, I like to take a short break and spend time in those corners of our planet where the Summer has already arrived!


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    GORGEOUS clothes and photos of your villa! I have BEAUTIFUL photos of your garden with our adorable common friend MAC! Tempus fugit!

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