383. It’s the end of the ‘60s…

Roberto Cavalli383. It’s the end of the ‘60s…

My fashion is also the result of my passion for experimentation, with colours, with designs, textures and materials.

It’s the end of the ‘60s… ROBERTO CAVALLI Maison is not yet officially born. After the first successes of my prints on fabric I decide to develop an idea I have had in mind for some time… printing on leather!

I wake up and am off to work very early… I attach the soft beige leather, light as silk, onto the printing table and begin to experiment…

I choose a small, attractive, six colour floral design… I use the same dyes with which I normally print on cotton fabrics. This type of dye sticks to the fibres… I cross my fingers, hold my breath… shall I get the same effect on leather?

This is an historic moment in the use of printed leather in fashion! This is the very first leather in the world printed with a coloured fantasy pattern!

Encouraged by the results I begin to print designs and floral patterns on leather with many different colour combinations.

But sales do not immediately follow hand in hand the interest shown in this revolutionary technique.

The printed leather inventory increases visibly, alarmingly. The pressure intensifies to find a solution to sell this growing inventory. I am dreaming of printed leather night after sleepless night!

From a Quilt book I get an idea of how to use my printed leather… I immediately begin to cut the printed leather into squares of four centimetres without taking into account the combination of the designs or the colours. I sew them together to make large PATCHWORK sheets. It is like creating a fabric that can expand or shrink at will.

With this material I begin to produce the new collection, innovatively different from any previous ones.

A younger and far more eccentric collection… more hippy and, as it happens, perfectly timed for that moment in history when the American hippie movement becomes increasingly popular. My idea catches the spirit of the moment!

I show the collection in my showroom in Paris with great success. Finally people begin to appreciate my work and discover my fashion. People begin to talk about me…


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