418. The Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti…

Roberto Cavalli 1977418. The Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti…

The Fashion Shows at the Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti in Florence were held in Spring and Autumn. Each show was an event that attracted international press and buyers.

For me it was all new and its rhythm which offered no truce between the one show and the other excited me. At the same time it scared me. The glamour and charm of the events were palpable and undeniable.

My shows were so different from all the others. Their fantasy and colours fascinated. People liked them and burst into spontaneous applause. But my fashion was spontaneous. It was a natural expression of my attitude. It reflected my character, my exuberance and my folly. Yes, because every time I thought of not making it I threw into my collections all my energy.  I had to create something unusual. Unique! I wanted to impress! I had no mental superstructure. I did not have anyone else to account to.

I was free, happy, irrepressible and irresponsible. I was doing and inventing all by myself and there was nobody to tell me what to do. I was free to think, free to act and even free to exaggerate. That was my luck. Everything was so simple and true.

But dreams, as always, sooner or later disappear. At one point marketing people began to appear on the scene. They wove relationships with the press and everything changed. They began the strategies that inaugurated the custom of lunches and large parties. The system changed perhaps forever. There were now new rhythms and new codes.

I kept dreaming about the old world where everyone helped and gave advice and, if things did not go as hoped, consoled one another.

Once upon a time, we were in fact a tight-knit group, friends who faced new adventures without knowing how they would end. All these new strategies somewhat unnerved me. I was deeply convinced that ideas and concepts had to prevail over marketing ploys.

I never imagined I would see changes to that world that would move me so much. I never thought that one day I would see it become a machine governed by cunning and by manoeuvres.


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Roberto Cavalli - Sala Bianca - Pitti

Roberto Cavalli - Sala Bianca - Pitti

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  1. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    Solo i “grandi” hanno avuto l’onore di poter realizzare una sfilata all’interno della meravigliosa Sala Bianca. Per molti stilisti rimarrà mera utopia. Purtroppo molte cose sono cambiate da allora. Posso solo immaginare le dinamiche interne ed esterne che hanno rivoluzionato il mondo della moda. La politica, il marketing e l’avvento dei social hanno modificato completamente e invertito le tendenze. Esiste in Toscana un’altra Sala Bianca di impareggiabile bellezza che si trova vicino Leccio: Il Castello di Sammezzano che purtroppo è stato messo all’asta. Questa è una delle tante ingiustizie del mondo moderno:” L’arte che viene svenduta al migliore offerente”.

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