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405. The years running quickly. The happier you are, the more quickly time flies…

Roberto Cavalli405. The years running quickly. The happier you are, the more quickly time flies…

The late eighties, early nineties. while I’m trying to tell the adventure of my life I think that the words “peace” and “happiness” are personal and require explanations since they carry no subjective charisma or personality of their own.

Happiness and peace are words that represent states of mind, but do not transmit the emotions you have you in your heart when you simply say them or write them. Unless you can explain yourself very well the strong heat they can give off is yours and yours alone! They are your happiness and your peace of mind.

Often it is not easy to be objective, because you judge everything around you and filter it through the mood you are feeling and trying to convey in that specific moment.

It is difficult to abstract yourself from the present. But I think I can say that in those years a certain distance was created between me and some of my family and friends.

Sometimes it is hard to conceal your happiness. Some seem to see you with a happiness halo about you. They see you as privileged and begin to envy you.

Even someone who loves you is not totally immune from any form of jealousy, and at that point it becomes almost impossible to share your feelings with others.

The years go by all too quickly. The happier you are, the more quickly time passes. You scarcely seem to have time to think.

From 1978 – I believe – to 1994, I had a wonderful time, one of the best periods of my life…


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404. I could never live without a boat…

Roberto Cavalli404. I could never live without a boat…

The holidays brought us into another dimension.  Our passion for the sun and the sea brought us new adventures every year.

I could never live without a boat. A boat of human proportions, not too long, governable without extra staff!

Sail it, clean it, feel in control of everything that the magic of the sea has to offer!

Then I had one called Arboc, Cobra spelled backwards.  A sixteen meters with three small cabins.  The accommodations were not spacious but were perfect for making us feel close and united.

Close to my seat I had created a small niche was a small corner for Daniele… he settled there during navigation, looked straight ahead and filled me with questions, he always wanted to know everything.

Sometimes he was so tired he fell asleep and so I rigged up a small bed for him…  No anomalous waves could wake him, my little sea wolf!

I was enchanted by Cavallo Island and I bought a mooring for Arboc in a small port that was being built in one of the most beautiful small islands in the Mediterranean.

This island was destined to become a great exclusive club for people who love peace, sea and nature.

It is impossible to describe the beauty of the place.  The colour of the water changes with the colour of the sky.   A hundred different shades of blue and turquoise with sand that changes aspect and quality in every inlet.

Cavallo island is located between Sardinia and Corsica, exactly at the beginning of the channel that separates one from the other.  The strait between them can produce wind so strong that it is often impossible for modest sailing boat to reach the island.

The winds, the turbulence of the sea and the constant motion of the waves have honed to perfection all the rocks that line Cavallo so that from offshore it can look surreal, almost lunar!


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Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2015-16

Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2015-16 – details

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403. The birth of the mono-brand boutiques…

Roberto Cavalli403. The birth of the mono-brand boutiques…

It’s the 90’s. That was the time when the mono-brand boutiques were born.

I did not have a marketing structure in place at that time.  Things worked, but I wasn’t as famous as I had been.  Even my lady friends who came to my showroom weren’t showing their usual enthusiasm.  

Most of the time they did not buy anything with the excuse that we didn’t have their right size or colour… Maybe I was not cool anymore…

I decided to insist that Eva should begin to work with me.  At first I involved her in the print shop, where I needed help, but I realized almost immediately that she would be much better suited to deal with the fashion, an area certainly more in keeping with her beauty and her style.

Then I tried to keep her nearby during the development of the collections, although her shyness sometimes made her feel a little out of her comfort zone…

Her mother tongue, German, finally made me realize that Eve was perhaps more inclined to fit into the commercial side of the business. She began to travel with me to Munich and to Dusseldorf – which was becoming a very important hub for fashion in Germany – where we decided to open a beautiful showroom.

Eva began to travel.  She liked it so much and had a real talent for keeping in touch with customers and handling orders coming from the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

In this way Eva always been known for her beauty, her grace and her style came increasingly to be recognized for her keen fashion sense and business mind.

What can I tell you of these years of happiness as a loving couple, with our beautiful children Rachele and Daniele growing into maturity?

The only problem was that we became so absorbed and passionate about the development of the business that sometimes we feared that we were not devoting enough time to the family.

Everything comes at a price, including success.

…to be continued.


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