16. It’s incredibly cold, too cold to be true!

It’s incredibly cold, too cold to be true!
I’m already in bed, curled up in my big bed, with a good movie and a great desire for sunshine!

I let Lupo out to pee, my God, I’m as cold as a sorbet.
I’m irresponsible because I wore just a simple plain sweater with ten below zero.

I remember, about twenty years ago, when the temperature at night dropped to minus 15 and then rose up to +10 during the day. The temperature difference killed 50 percent of the vegetation in Tuscany. Over two thousand olive trees died on my hill, a real tragedy. Some of them were centenarians!

Roberto Cavalli - New York

Roberto Cavalli - New York

I am leaving for New York. I’m excited. New York has a great energy. It’s a time to see and been seen and to be inspired. I need to begin to warm up my adrenaline for the upcoming fashion show.

I’m sorry to leave Lupo. He will miss me, but will be nice to meet up again.

I will keep you posted here on my New York adventure.
I have a small apartment on 57th and New York feels like home.

A large basin


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Da amante del cinema, la domanda sorge spontanea… Quale film?
    Buon viaggio allora!!! E cerca di trarre il massimo da ogni momento perché ti vogliamo al meglio della forma alla vista delle prossime sfilate… Ci sarà bisogno di tutta la tua verve (e naturalmente dei tuoi colori) per far trascendere Milano nella città dei sogni!
    Comunque nel caso non l’avessi capito… Ti ammiro caro Maestro 🙂 …E ti prego, riguardati!!
    We love you too


  2. yana
    yana says:

    Da oggi mi sforzeró a scrivere in Italiano… (cosi se dirò delle cose stupide potró sempre fare finta che intendevo qualcos’altro:)))

    Anche a casa Sua fa freddo in questo periodo? Mi manca cosi tanto il mio termosifone nel pavimento che avevo in Germania…. Le case italiane vengono costruite per 9 mesi di caldo, cosi quando fa freddo é una tragedia, sembra quasi che fuori fa piú caldo di dentro casa…

    Quanto vorrei andare a New York pure io!!!! ADORO questa cittá, li c’é DI TUTTO, una sorpresa ad ogni angolo… PORTACI TANTE FOTO!!!! vorrei vedere proprio un album “Il mio viaggio a New York” con una foto del Suo appartamento, dei “streetlooks” piú interessanti, qualche vitrina strana, il club piú fico del momento….

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Angela
    Angela says:

    Have a marvelous trip to New York – great city – vibrant and exciting – been there twice, loved it even more the second time. Had a fabulous meal at the St. Regis Hotel…

    I see you are a cigar lover! I too enjoy a good cigar. I used to be a regular at a cigar bar in Yorkville in Toronto drinking port and smoking cigars, in gorgeous butter-soft leather chairs, in a fabulous room with an enormous humidor to be the only woman in a room filled with investment bankers and the like – I hear in London at a posh hotel, they are opening it up for women and Romeo Y Julieta has made lady sized cigars… it is an experience more women should try!

    What are your favorite cigars and what do you love to accompany them?

    Keep warm!

    ~ Angela

  4. Joanna
    Joanna says:

    Dear Roberto,
    I wish you an amazing voyage to NYC.. I hope you will enjoy it and have an inspiring time.. and feel the insufferable lightness of being..
    Best greetings from Paris,

  5. Nina
    Nina says:

    ahoy fashion hunter & master,

    have a good save trip to amazing fashion big apple & hunt for good inspirations.
    I just saw your last year roberto cavalli show on ftv and was just soooooo pretty overwhelmed and nearly melting (thus frozen minus degrees) because of all those great embellished embroidered & sequined fabric creations.
    ****you are a real master mr roberto****
    i would love to send you a little gift from my current collection to get your feedback – that would be a firework highLight in the upcoming coldDays!
    salute & rock NY! xo, enJoy & enVie,

  6. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli it’s getting colder here again, minus 14 in the afternoon!! I’m so done with the cold weather!! Though the sun is shining it’s freezing outside. I am irresponsible same as you cause i went out with no cap on with 14 below zero.

    Enjoy your trip to New York Mr. Cavalli!!! Hope you have lots of fun there!
    You look so good in the picture. Love your style!!!




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