171. Waiting for Santa…

Roberto Cavalli171. Waiting for Santa…

I returned back to Italy last night, my plane did not land in Milan as expected.   The only city in northern Italy without fog was Turin and so we landed there.

When I finally got to hug my pillow and experienced the warm tongue of Lupo who couldn’t stop kissing me, I relaxed.
It’s nice to come home…

Upon entering the house I turn on the lights of the Christmas tree I had set up before leaving… beautiful, a hundred colored balls finally make me realize that I have to stop running away, to stop fretting between problems!

In a few days it is Christmas!  I have to start thinking about all the gifts for my grandchildren, for my children and for the many people I love!  I shall start focusing more on myself, on my life and my peace of mind.

Roberto Cavalli BlogThinking about the children’s gifts before leaving for India I had a brilliant idea. I bought Maria Eva and Esther, a pair of young gray budgies with a red plume on their heads.  They were reared from birth and fed with an eyedropper to train them not to peck.  I think my two lovely grandchildren will have a great time holding them without being pecked!

For Gabriele, my only grandson, I bought a great little car… I hope he can reach the pedals.  The car can also be remotely controlled by his father Francesco!

Dolls of all types and sizes for the other grandchildren! I cannot wait to see their eyes when they open the presents on Christmas eve after the traditional dinner with all the children and all the grandchildren and some friends, the real ones, the ones that I have always loved and who have always loved me!

Gifts for big kids, I refer to my children, who for me are always children –  that will be more complicated… I tried to investigate to discover the direction of their desires, but it is not easy.

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I made a list of ten pages. Today, we have everything and too much of everything.  Christmas is no longer expected with the same frenzy as when I was a kid! I often tell my children “I WAS YOUNG TOO… IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT IS TRUE!  IF I GOT OLD AND I HAVE WHITE HAIR IT IS NOT MY FAULT…”

Roberto Cavalli BlogHaving a large family is beautiful, so many children and many grandchildren… make you realize that your life was not in vain and that it will continue through them… in their thoughts, in their memories!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Natale e Buone Feste anche a tutti voi
    e sopratutto a lei Sign. Roberto che ammiro tanto
    Le Auguro tutta la serenitá e Felicitá.

    Con Affetto
    Marí *<(:D

  2. yana
    yana says:

    Buon Natale! quest’anno saremo in dodici (piu un cane), mi ci volevano 5 ore per pulire e decorare la casa ieri… c’é una MAREA di regali sotto l’albero… TROPPI! ho appena convinto mio marito di non aggiungere altri regali ai bimbi, sono gia almeno 5 a testa, ci vorrá troppo tempo per aprire tutti i pacchi – l’anno scorso ci volevano due ore!!! ma anche voi aspettate la mezzanotte per iniziare ad aprire i regali???

  3. Michelle Stephens
    Michelle Stephens says:

    Merry Christmas Roberto Cavalli !!! This is Michelle from your outlet store in Orlando /Fl!
    I want to wish for you and your family an amazing and blessed Christmas ! We are getting busy at the store this week , hopefully we will be busy for the whole month of January as well ! Lots of customers that are curious about your work and how you can design so many beautiful pieces and so many exclusive prints !!!
    One of my managers met Eva at Miami store in ball Harbour and I was so excited to hear all the good news about it ! One day I hope meet you so my dream will come true ! I am so blessed to be able to work for such a good company who cares about their employees so that’s why I always do the best in sales and everything at the store because I believe in a brand and I reply what has been given to me !
    Love ,
    Michelle Stephens

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