170. I Am Continuing to Live Far Away from Reality…

Roberto Cavalli170. I Am Continuing to Live Far Away from Reality…

I’m in a great hotel! Unique in its genre, the Dwarika’s Hotel.  It is like stepping into a Nepali art museum.  Care is taken with great taste and attention to detail. Three high quality restaurants, definitely the best in Kathmandu.

We felt very pampered, meticulous attention to detail to make our stay special…

The last evening, we were invited as guests of the hotel owners in their Nepalese restaurant, an exceptional experience… low tables… each table set up according to the Nepali tradition… 20 to 30 small portions of great tasting dishes… an allegory of flavors and colors! The courses were served by two lovely ladies in fire-red tunics with a small gold crowns in their hair.

We spent a wonderful evening. The owner, a lovely lady belonging to a prominent family in Nepal, inherited this beautiful hotel from her husband, who died prematurely. Together with her charming daughter and her son Rene, returned to Kathmandu after studying in Germany, she and her family have continued the tradition with such relish and love!

Roberto CavalliA wonderful family, beautiful and charming… dinner was leisurely lasting until late in the evening.  It seemed as though we had always known one another…

l will be back soon! I understand that there are still many things to discover in this land of religion and mystery.  

Sangita, the lovely lady owner, has promised me that on my next trip to Nepal, she will accompany me to a monastery at the foot of Mount Everest… over 5000 meters high… two great experiences not to be missed…  Looking at the world from above and spending some time in meditation with the Buddhist monks… experiencing a different dimension from the one you think is the right one…

Roberto Cavalli BlogIt’s nice to find new friends… so far away, but with thoughts so close to your own…

My dear friends, you are traveling around the world with me! I hope to be able to convey my own emotions!

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    Un grazie per il tuo condividere con noi questi viaggi! Sono luoghi in cui sogno di andare da tempo e i tuoi racconti mi fanno volare fin la. Posso solo immaginare la magia di quei posti e la serenità di quelle persone. Spero di poterle vivere in prima persona!

  2. Sunita Paudel
    Sunita Paudel says:

    It’s great to see you visiting Dwarika’s. I worked there for 7 years and it was good experience to be part of this heritage hotel. Thank you for visiting.

  3. rachel
    rachel says:

    its so sweet that you are sharing ur life with us..
    love u roberto
    i am a girl who lives in a small city in china.
    but i will keep following my dream
    hope one day i have the honor of meeting u =)


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