192. Under My Skin…

Roberto Cavalli192. Under My Skin…

THANK YOU! You are wonderful… you understand how important this book is for me.

I was undecided whether to publish it or not, I was afraid to talk too much about myself… about my past… about my thoughts… open up almost completely.

Thank you for your love, I’ll follow your advice… SOTTO LA MIA PELLE… UNDER MY SKIN… I think it is a fascinating title.

In my book, I’ll tell you everything I have inside me and what there was of a mystery in my life. I said mysterious, perhaps that is a bit too strong…

I’ll tell you and I will share with you incredible and fantastic moments of my life as well as some truly tragic moments…

God wanted to test me and I responded accordingly! Life is beautiful!

I’m writing from the piano bar of a special hotel. A great place for those who love the SPA and enjoy the pleasure of swimming outside in cold weather in a naturally heated pool! It’s fun!

After a magnificent dinner we came to hear a great singer in the piano bar. I share a really good Margarita with Sandra. I am also happy because Fiorentina woooooon…!

An exceptional evening, I’m smiling inside and out…

Un bacino a tutti!


Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli Blog
Roberto Cavalli Blog

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  1. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Ciao Mr. Cavalli! My congratulations you have finally chosen the title for your book! It sounds great and will be recognizable all over the world. Roberto it’s gonna be a huge success! I’m so happy it’s more about your life than fashion world. Sure this book will help your fans to know and understand you like never before. Mr. Cavalli i feel this book is very personal with private emotions. Thank you for your courage to share your adventureous life with the world. Believe me it’s highly appreciated by every and each one of us, your big fans who love you and admire you for who you are!
    Mr. Cavalli happy you have good time with Sandra in the wonderful SPA hotel. Congrats to your favourite team! It must be extremely important for you as far as i know what a big fan you are.
    Roberto I’d like to ask you for a favour if it is possible. I guess you will travel around the world promoting your book when it’s finally out. If you do could you please post the dates and the cities where the book is launched and where you fans could meet you. I’m from Kiev, Ukraine and i’m absolutely sure you won’t come here with your book promotion. But if the book is launched in Dubai for example i will do my best to go there and meet Grande Roberto Cavalli who’s been my idol and inspiration for years! Mr. Cavalli i guess not only me but many fans from all over the world would appreciate it!

    Kisses and hugs



  2. Beverly jean Kawabe
    Beverly jean Kawabe says:

    Oh how I Love you! You have to tell us everything about how you came to be able to design such beautiful things. The story of your trip through life. I have just discovered you. I found you from your interview in Harpers Bazar and loved what I read and loved the beautiful white bag shown in the same issue and after many emails and patience from your wonderful manager Mr. Giovacchini in Florence the bag came into my hands here in Japan last week….I carried it to a party tonight at the Grand Hyatt here. It was treated like a precious piece of art which it is…the bell boys and managers put on white gloves when walking behind me carrying my beautiful Cavalli bag. It and you were the star of the party. I thank you for bringing this beauty into my life and am waiting for much more as you are only a year older than me you have lots of time to to do more and more….and now my bag and I will go to sleep dreaming of a beautiful night with beautiful people and the Cavalli bag that was the star of the night….much love

  3. rocharoc
    rocharoc says:

    you are an amazing artist with and have an amazing vision and absolute both talent and power to imagine an elegant woman as much as high elegance your mind is … thanks for
    and with best wishes

  4. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Si alla fine è un bel titolo, anche se a me piaceva molto “Roberto Cavalli, il ragazzo delle cascine” (inteso come ragazzo semplice).
    Bel posto davvero! Spero ti sia riposato.
    E…..che bella Fiorentina s’è visto domenica sera? Bellissima davvero, grande vittoria, s’è giocato benissimo!!
    E ora siamo quarti da soli……incrociamo le dita che adesso dipende davvero tutto da noi…..!
    E’ vero che al campionato mancano ancora 10 giornate ma….io ci spero! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio Viola.


  5. Gabriela Ghorbani
    Gabriela Ghorbani says:

    Congratulations! Love the title! Love it , love it!
    Enjoy this time in this beautiful place you are at,
    Please say hello to Sandra from me

  6. Federica
    Federica says:

    Ciao Roberto. Abbiamo soggiornato anche noi mentre c’eri anche tu! Che emozione! Io che mi ero messa anche un tuo completo …volevo chiederti se lo riconoscevi..ma purtroppo non ti ho incontrato …va beh..un saluto!

  7. Federica
    Federica says:

    Lascio qui quello che dal vivo non sono riuscita a dirLe un pò per l’emozione, un pò per il rispetto del mio lavoro che mi impone di essere sempre discreta con tutti. Complimenti per tutto quello che ha fatto e che fa…e per la persona affabile che ha dimostrato di essere…ho sempre ammirato il Suo lavoro e il Suo stile inconfondibile! grazie per la foto finale che mi/ci ha regalato con tanta simpatia e disponibilità! Hanno già provveduto a mandarla in stampa per il nostro wall of fames in cui avrà un posto speciale! Io la conserverò gelosamente e con un pò di orgoglio!

  8. Mirko Giommarrelli
    Mirko Giommarrelli says:

    Ciao Roberto, Bellissimo posto io quando voglio rilassarmi con la mia ragazza ci vado spesso!
    Grazie per aver tenuto in considerazione i nostri pensieri sul titolo del tuo libro, non vedo l’ora di leggerlo! Sei grande! Hai tutta la mia stima e il mio affetto!

  9. Lily Vasquez
    Lily Vasquez says:

    Grande Roberto Cavalli, in attesa di leggere tutto il tuo mistero mentre la scoperta e l’apprendimento dalle vostre esperienze. Tu sei una persona con un sacco di storia e di esperienza di vita, è che le vostre esperienze sono in corso per identificare un sacco con la mia. Vi auguro tutto il meglio! Andare avanti con il vostro successo coltivato per anni! Un bacio grande!

  10. Надежда Петрова
    Надежда Петрова says:

    Спасибо Роберто. я рада что вам так хорошо. Гармония этого сказочного места и волшебной сказки вашей души. Пусть жизнь и дальше дает вам такую гармонию. Надежда

    [Thank you Roberto. I am glad that you are so good. The harmony of this fabulous place and the fairy tale of your soul. Let life continue to give you that harmony.

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