174. The First Days of 2013…

Roberto Cavalli with Mimi Salam

Roberto Cavalli with Mimi Salam

174. The First Days of 2013…

I have so much to tell you, I want to feel surrounded by love and respect. I will be brief so as not to bore you…

I’m not kidding when I talk of you as dear friends, many are, many followed me from the beginning and if I do not show signs of myself in a while, many of you become anxious.  I could almost begin to call you “my big family.” I do not know why I started to tell you about myself, my daily adventures, but now I cannot stop… my life is part of yours… your lives are part of mine… DO YOU LOVE ME? I LOVE YOU!

I am going to tell you what happened after my short holiday in Dubai.  I went to Beirut to inaugurate the CAVALLI CAFE situated on one of its most important streets… very nice!  My style, my fashion shown in a lovely cafe restaurant!

I arrive at 10 pm… thousands of fans are screaming and anxiously waiting for me so that we can get our pictures taken together.  I fuel up my adrenaline and I start to play as a star!  After two hours, the same plane that took me to Beirut brings me back to Milan!

On my return to Italy I start to feel not so well. I will not keep you in apprehension but because of a strong colic I am transported urgently to hospital in Milan. I am telling you this just to let you know the cause of my silence!  I was discharged this afternoon and I’m happy to finally sleep in my bed!

Daniele Cavalli

Daniele Cavalli

Sunday the 13th my son Daniele had organized a special evening to present the autumn – winter 2013 menswear collection… a great success… a unique evening… very innovative!

I missed this event… I was updated minute by minute by being on the phone with Daniele.  Perhaps this great feeling made me heal faster!

The Surgeon who took care of my colic put me on a resting regime and he insisted I not push on the accelerator of my life for the next month!  It will not be easy… I should begin to take care of myself a little more!

I will not stop thinking about you, take care of yourselves too…

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli with Haifa Wehbe

Roberto Cavalli with Haifa Wehbe

Cavalli Caffè Beirut - Grand Opening

Cavalli Caffè Beirut – Grand Opening

Roberto Cavalli - Cavalli Caffè Beirut
Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Roberto Cavalli Men's FW 2013-14

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  1. Taguhi Lusikyan
    Taguhi Lusikyan says:

    Dear Mr. Cavalli,

    I am touched about what happened… I appreciate your addiction, if you will, of writing, of keeping us posted of what’s going on. I feel that writing has become an important part in your life. It is a kind of diary, a kind of of way of self expressing, which is done, I should confirm, in a very natural and beautiful way. When I start reading your blogs, I want to make sure to finish them. You should definitely think about writing a book… or maybe not… maybe the beauty lays in your blogs…
    I wish you good health and recovery… I can assume that you need a good rest after all that enormous work and energy that you put in life everyday to create what you create…

    Good Luck..

  2. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Giornooooo Sign. Roberto
    Ineffetti ne sentivo la mancanza …. molto strano…. :((!!!!!!
    spero si riprenda alla grande!!!
    Si,la collezzione di Daniele mi ha lasciato di stucco e anche il bellissimo ed elegante Gentlemen Club

    Con il Cuore sempre con lei Sign. Roberto <3 🙂

  3. Gaby Ghorbani
    Gaby Ghorbani says:

    My dear friend,

    Because I feel the same, so great you consider us your family 🙂
    you have opened up to all of us, your sincerity, honesty and passion is obvious and we all appreciated.

    I wish you feel better and YES! you have to take care of your self! Rest, and perhaps it will be a great opportunity for you to write on that book you have been talking about, a book that I would read for sure.

    Best wishes to you,

    Gabriela (we met in Maldives)

  4. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    Si, è come dici tu….. se non sentiamo news da te per un pò di tempo ci preoccupiamo, ma quando le sentiamo, e soprattutto sentiamo che stai bene…..siamo felici!! 🙂
    Mi spiace che ti sia successo questo piccolo incidente, anche se adesso la cosa importante è che tu ti riposi per tornare in campo più forte di prima!! 🙂
    Guarda Quadrado….anche lui ha avuto una cosa simile prima del ritiro questa estate….ed ora gioca da fenomeno……..ti vogliamo così!!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio con tanti auguri!

  5. virginia negri
    virginia negri says:

    La serata di Daniele è stata fantastica!!!! Io sono molto contenta del successo di Daniele perchè mi piace molto…è speciale!……..come la collezione presentata!!!!! Era tutto perfetto…….ma mancava “il Babbo” come dice Daniele!!!

    Sarà dure che Lei nel prossimo mese riesca a risparmiarsi, vista la settimana Moda Donna alle porte, ma spetro che lo faccia, perchè personalmente mi sono preoccupata della sua colica!!!

    E’ vero Lei risponde pochissimo!…..ma so che ci legge tutti!!!
    Anch’io le voglio bene.

  6. Dara
    Dara says:

    Dear Mr. Cavalli,

    I am touched about what happened too…
    I wish you good health and fast recovery … I can assume that you need a good rest after all that enormous work!
    You deserve good rest!Great Job!
    Once Again Congratulation of Your beautiful collection,I am happy that I wear such a nice quality everyday!
    Thank you that we have you!
    Again I wish you good health and fast recovery!
    We All Love You So Much,
    With All My Respect,

  7. Marietta Verde
    Marietta Verde says:

    *Though I should recognize you as a wonderful designer,and that you definitely are.What just separated you from all the rest is this and just this alone.Thank you for showing that YOU are human and you really do relate to all those who may not know you personally but still Love you just for making us beautiful everyday with your line..Thank you,Hope you feel so much better,

  8. Beverly jean Kawabe
    Beverly jean Kawabe says:

    I just read your interview in Harpers Bazaar and read you have blog so I am a new fan especially after seeing the new bag in the same issue…wonder if it is sold in Fukuoka Japan…I might just give up my Chanel’s 🙂

  9. надежда
    надежда says:

    Roberto. you are great artist. Bring with you the fifth dimension. there is a fairy tale in which you live, and fill our reality beauty and perfection of this tale. Delight of enjoying life lives in your writings. We are now in a Siberian winter. but when I look at pictures of your work, I filled the sun. joy and delight. Thank you for what you are. Take care of yourself, I need you. Hope

    Роберто. вы гениальный художник. Вам доступно пятое измерение. там волшебная сказка, в которой вы живете и наполняете нашу реальность красотой и совершенством из этой сказки. Восторг наслаждения жизнью живет в ваших произведениях. У нас в Сибири сейчас зима. но когда я смотрю на фотографии вашего творчества, я наполняюсь солнцем. радостью и восторгом. Спасибо вам, за то, что вы есть. Берегите себя, вы мне нужны. Надежда

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