31. I open my eyes. I’m half rested

Roberto Cavalli in-flight cooking

Roberto Cavalli in-flight cooking

31. I open my eyes. I’m half rested.
Sleeping on the plane is not easy, even though my plane, I-WISH, is soundproofed. The engine noise is always buzzing in your head.
Last night, before falling asleep, I put on the headphones connected to my iPhone and beautiful music accompanied me gently into dreamland!

I look outside and it’s still dark. It is 7am in Italy. I pause to watch the light appearing quickly upon the horizon.
The blue cobalt of the sky is softened into a Caribbean Sea blue. A purple stripe on the horizon turns red, then pink, then soft orange.
The sea blue of the sky is above us and the white of emptiness lies below us. It seems that the world or the plane is upside down!

A good double espresso helped me wake up completely. I made the bed and did some cleaning before landing. Did I tell you that I don’t have a stewardess on board? I don’t like being served. I love to do almost everything myself!
Are you surprised? Like at my house in Milan or New York. There is just an very sweet Filipino cleaning Lady.

I like to cook, take care of my dogs, uncork and serve a good red Cavalli wine, the only thing I drink other than sparkling water!
Simple life? I wouldn’t describe my life as very difficult and complicated!

I rambled on speaking about my habits, but I am still on the plane, in a few minutes I shall land in Milan.
How wonderful! Through the window I can see the majesty of the Alps completely covered with snow. I take so many pictures, but it is impossible to capture the idea of that vast dimension of space in a single image.
The wonder is expressed by the broad vision of your eyes. Your view stretches to infinity and sends the emotions down to your heart!

A few more minutes and the wheels will touch down on the runway. I’m in Milan and soon Lupo will lick me!

From Milan I will relate to you the adventures of my fashion shows!


Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Ben tornato caro Roberto!!!
    La bellezza dei colori che hai descritto hanno realizzato una cartolina indelebile nella mia immaginazione che unita alle foto bellissime pubblicate, mi hanno allontanato dalla realtà. 
    Non la si può definire una “vita semplice” oltre ad essere errato è troppo superficiale… Penso invece sia l’ennesima volta che ti distanzi dal coro dimostrando ancora una volta che persona unica tu sia.
    Maestro… Questa è la tua settimana!! Sei pronto a ridipingere ancora una volta il mondo??

    We love you too


  2. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Che belle foto,sembra un sogno.Il tuo cane Lupo saro felice che sei ritornato.Buona giornata.Qui il sole brilla oggi,che spendida giornata!!!!!!!!!!!!Ci sentiamo Ciao salute Frøydis

  3. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    Buon Giorno Sign. Roberto
    é stata una vera sorpresa quando ho visto le vostre Foto.
    Bellissime!!!! sicuramente emozioni indescrivibbili.
    Per Lupo tanto emozionante rivedervi,sicuramente ;D
    Anch’io saró impegnata,a creare una nuova Collezione x Bambini…ho visto avete anche
    Collezzione per Bambini Fantastici,mi affascinano!!!!<3
    Le auguro una settimana intensa di emozioni positive…sopratutto
    per la sua sfilata.
    Peccato non esserci!!!
    Con Affetto

  4. Roa
    Roa says:

    I know the feeling of the uncomfortable plane, but that’s coming home more exciting. Hope the last preparations for your shows are doing well. I’m very excited to see the results. Keep us posted!

    Lots of Love,


  5. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!
    Ma che belle foto….e ganzissima quella dell’atovaglia mentre tagli l’affettato 🙂
    Buon rientro e buon lavoro con le sfilate…!
    Sei sempre il number one!! 🙂
    Un abbraccio


  6. Irina
    Irina says:

    Welcome back, Mr. Cavalli! Home is always Sweet Home. Thanks a lot for the wobedrful description of morning in Italy, it is so nice and realistic, that I felt myself as being there that moment.
    Waiting for the news from Milano Moda Donna and other fashion events – from your point of view. It is extremely interesting!

    Have a nice day in Milano!

  7. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli you’re a great writer!!! I would never be able to describe the morning and its first lights so realistic as you did!!! I adore you!!! The photos are wonderful! Love them all!!!

    To be honest I’m surprised you don’t have a stewardess on board. I don’t know why but I thought you did. Maybe because many people of your status do. Anyways I’ve always known you are not like the rest Roberto!!!!! You have your own opinion on everything and I love it so much about you!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about the adventures of your fashion shows!


    LUV YA


  8. Mohamad Kedam
    Mohamad Kedam says:

    Hello There Mr.Cavalli ! 🙂
    I get so tired on planes as well, although it’s not the same my flights is more like uncomfortable :D.
    but ,, i was wondering about your store in Budapest, Hungary. why did you close it? it was my favorite place to buy from even if i went mostly in the end season time to get the discount. 😛
    anyway i just like to mention that your style is the best i could find for men fashion clothing. it’s comfortable, strong, fancy and definitely will steal the people’s sights.
    wish you all the best.

  9. Vanda
    Vanda says:

    Dear Mr.Cavalli,

    What a beautiful language is Italian, what a deep personality You are. Impressed. Your art is bewautiful and so is Your soul. I wish I could shake Your hand.

    The best of inspiration to You in future, have a great time! 🙂

    Yours sincerely,


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