34. No anxiety and emotion shines from my eyes…

34. No anxiety and emotion shines from my eyes or my movements, I switch from one model to another to check the makeup and hair
A swarm of photographers armed with cameras follow my every move!
All eyes are on me, awe and admiration. Some dressers and hairdressers pluck up courage and approach to ask for a photo. I am easy going and have a kind word for everyone! Perhaps my natural, accessible way encourages my fans to approach and open up to me!

They are calling me for the television interviews. My press office staff is doing a great job trying to contain the exuberance of the cameras crews.
Massimo, my communications manager does the honors of the house and helps me translate a few words from the English, which I don’t quite get. Benedetta looks after me offering water after each interview. Nadia supervises and is gentle when the situation becomes a little tense! I change language often, French, almost all in English, Italian for the various national TV channels!

Roberto Cavalli e Suzy Menkes

Roberto Cavalli - Suzy Menkes

To find the right word to describe the collection seems difficult during the first interviews. Alternating smiles and quips. I must show my fantastic collection. I must not appear tired.
My words and my eyes must express all my joy at being a BIG of the fashion world!

I begin to get nervous – we are delayed twenti minutes. I leave the journalists and run to see if the models are ready and if everything is going well.
I prefer to control everything myself. The anxiety begins to show in my thoughts and movements. I do not answer the questions and my attention is divided between the public who are taking their places and the models who are getting into line waiting to be pushed out onto catwalk.

25 minutes late?! I’m increasingly nervous and I ask Massimo if Suzy Menkes is here and seated. Suzy is the top fashion journalist. I particularly want her presence and also her comments in the International Herald Tribune the next day.

The lights go out at last it seems that the JUST CAVALLI show is about to begin.
A few seconds of darkness, seems an eternity!


Un bacino
Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Mathias
    Mathias says:

    Direi che hai proprio colto nel segno! Per antonomasia, quando pensi ad uno stilista lo vedi in parte distaccato dal mondo, dalle persone, riservato oltre l’inverossimile, freddo, innavicinable… Insomma come… No, non faccio nomi!
    Tu invece sei una persona diversa sotto tutti gli aspetti, ti rapporti con chiunque come già lo conoscessi e ti fosse grande amico. Sarà forse (probabilmente) che abbia anche  influito la tua bellissima terra natale o sarà semplicemente che alla fin fine (come sempre) sei il migliore di tutti!!!
    Complimenti ancora per la collezione JC, più riguardo il video, più colgo riferimenti e sfumature che mi fanno amare ogni singolo elemento che si trova a comporre ogni abito che ha sfilato… Roberto… Aspettiamo domani!!

    We love you too


  2. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Caro Roberto…
    E’ sempre un piacere leggerti…mi fà sentire meno solo e più vicino a te!
    Io non sono proprio un esperto di moda, ma ammiro il tuo stile…le ragazze che si vestono cavalli sono belle….perchè i tuoi vestiti tirano fuori il bello che le ragazze hanno dentro!! Ecco magari è una frase che ti avranno detto 100.000 volte…però è quello che penso! 🙂
    Anche oggi la Viola ha perso…siamo quartultimi a 3 punti dalla zona retrocessione…se non ci scuotiamo è un casino!
    Un abbraccio e buonanotte!


  3. Sharona
    Sharona says:

    So beautiful! I really loved the silhouette of the dresses and the mixture of patterns and fabrics. Very much looking forward to seeing the Cavalli collection. Bravo!!!!

  4. Roa
    Roa says:

    Like I said in my comment under your last blogpost I love your collection. You did such a great job. I really love the ”odd” patern combination with pied-de-poule and animal print. I also love the fabrics that you used, I wish I could see and feel these fabrics. Everything is so good put together and I want to have every piece. I’m obsessed with the cream coat that has the red, orange and black colored indian-like patern. It’s such a beautiful piece!
    I love watching fashion shows and I always get goosebumps when I see a designer walking on the runway at the end. I saw you and you looked so happy and thankful and I hope oneday I will be like you and get the opportunity to show my collection. Thank you again for sharing you amazing life with us let us knowing you better.

    Lots og Love,


  5. Maria Grazia
    Maria Grazia says:

    In un ‘ unica parola Favoloso come sempre!!!!!!
    Incredibbili sono gl’appostamenti ai diversi materiali che donano fascino e personalitá a questi

    Con Affetto

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