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389. Florentine Summer…

Roberto Cavalli389. Florentine Summer…

Reluctantly I left Sweden… many work commitments forced me to return to Florence.

The temperature in Sweden was perfect, 68 degrees with a nice breeze while here it is definitely a hot summer… a typical Florentine Summer! 95 degrees during the day and 68 at night!

But the one who suffers the heat wave the most these days is Lupo… he is always looking for a fresh corner where he can enjoy a “pennichella” (a quick nap)…

The ancient stone pavements are hot and store heat that they release overnight in a cycle that seems impossible to stop…

The seaside is about one hundred kilometres from Florence so
Florentines refresh themselves along the banks of the Arno River taking with them their deck chairs and umbrellas in an attempt to imitate the Paris-Plages…

Tourists also suffer these temperatures and seem more interested in the ice cream parlours than the treasures of the Renaissance…

But tourism in Florence this days is unfortunately hasty tourism… the average time spent on a visit to Florence is one day! Despite having always lived in Florence all my life I still discover every day new fantastic places… Florence has inspired many of my creations… Florence is a city that you cannot visit in one day!

Centuries of history, art and culture require more attention… if you decide to visit Florence let me know. We can meet for a cocktail at Caffè Giacosa, next to my boutique in Via Tornabuoni, and I will recommend some itineraries that will help you to discover the secrets of Florence, like the beautiful Vasari Corridor which connects Palazzo Pitti with Palazzo Vecchio through the Uffizi Gallery. The Medici used it to go from their home to the office…

But now I have to go, my Buontalenti is starting to melt… Buontalenti is the exclusive Florentine ice cream named after its inventor, the architect and artist Bernardo Buontalenti who invented Ice Cream in the fifteenth century at the request of Cosimo de’ Medici…

Un grosso bacio!


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Corridoio Vasariano - Vasari Corridor

Corridoio Vasariano – Vasari Corridor

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  1. Davide
    Davide says:

    Bellissima Firenze, insieme alla mia famiglia, il mese scorso, abbiamo dedicato quattro giorni alla visita della città e siamo riusciti a vedere anche il Corridoio Vasariano…un vero spettacolo!
    Hai ragione perché, nonostante il tempo dedicato, non siamo riusciti a vedere tutto.

  2. miluca
    miluca says:

    Dear Roberto ,
    I would like to visit Florencia next month so I hope meet you . Please if you prefer another time , please tell me and I can change my traveL.
    I hope to news from you.

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