393. The time I didn’t meet Sophia Loren…

Roberto-Cavalli-Blog393. The time I didn’t meet Sophia Loren…

We are in the early seventies, the world has discovered my fashion. I am flooded with orders and busy at work for the new collections…

The phone rings, the receptionist announces that Mrs Ponti is on the line.

Destiny… usually I never answer calls from people I don’t know, but this time I decide to take the call.
I cannot believe It, it’s Sofia Loren!  With her sweet and sexy voice she tells me that she has heard so much about me and my fashion that, in addition to her desire to wear my dresses, she would be very pleased to meet me.

I seem to dream.  Yet an uncontrollable shyness, mixed with a kind of personal reserve, stops me. I feel as though I have been punched in the stomach… I have lost my voice.

I consider myself a worker of fashion, certainly not a stylist.  At that time fashion designers were not superstars.

I like to create, to invent, but I recognize myself more as a crazy inventor than a fashion designer.  More phone calls follow and I have the pleasure of talking with her, but I cannot assure her that I will go to meet her.  I’m looking for silly reasons, stupid excuses to let her know that I cannot.

I don’t feel up to it.  Maybe I am, but that’s not my world.  I love the simple things.  Why am I like this?  Maybe that stammer that for so many years affected me physically had also affected me psychologically?

Or am I fascinated with her to the point of not wanting to touch the dream for fear this bubble will burst?

She is on a pedestal and I cannot get there.  In the end I do not go!  I send the dresses to her but I could not find the courage to go there personally.

Am I wrong?  Certainly, I will regret it in the next ten years.  I made a mistake, certainly, because again – because of my character – I denied myself the opportunity to learn not only from a great woman, but a true legend, an icon of cinema.

I will meet her several times many years later, but I never find the courage to mention that episode of my early shyness.

I wonder how many would have liked to be in my position at that
time.  Few would have given up such an opportunity…


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  1. Annalisa
    Annalisa says:

    Ciao Roberto sempre un piacere leggerti …
    Questa storia mi fa rivivere l’esperienza con Carlo Bay
    Lo vedevo così GRANDE e io così PICCOLA ….quando vedevo il suo numero mi tremava voce mani gambe e nemmeno rispondevo poi con coraggio lo richiamavo, Siete due belle persone buona estate

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