122. July was a Special Month…

Roberto Cavalli122. July was a special month…

We have talked about August, but the best month to celebrate the summer is definitely July. The problem is that, in Italy, August is the month when you take your holidays.

All the factories, from the largest to the smallest, close during the middle two weeks of August. Now, because of the crisis, many companies are closing for the entire month.
In big cities many shops and restaurants usually displayed the classic sign “CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS”. But this year you will see fewer signs since even the smaller income earned in August is too important and useful for the businesses to lose.

As always in these situations, those who suffer most are those who can least afford to do so.

I would just emphasize a thought, not useful to anyone, so you will know me better… This government of wealthy academics should devise a better, fairer tax code and a better system of public accounting that will let us know, as a country, how we stand financially and how we can raise the tax revenues more fairly to meet our obligations. We are not afraid of hard work. We just want a better chance to raise our families…

Better to change this subject… let’s talk instead about the just finished month of July. I passed this time traveling between Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez, which amused me and gave me new, young, interesting and special friends…

…Zac Efron, with whom I am constantly exchanging text messages, and I have formed a friendship, based on mutual respect, which is destined to last a long time!

Roberto and Ester Cavalli with Zac Efron

Roberto and Ester Cavalli with Zac Efron

…Kellan Lutz and his girlfriend… Sharni. We spent five days together on the boat which give me the opportunity to appreciate their education, simplicity and sweetness…
Sharni and Kellan

Sharni and Kellan

…the Jedward twins are unique and special, with a strong love for fashion and a strong desire to be creative and to fight against monotony!
Roberto Cavalli with The Jedward

Roberto Cavalli with The Jedward

Roberto Cavalli OfficeThe greatest satisfaction was when, last night, I closed my office door not to reopen it again for three weeks …
I wanted to finish the drawings and models in the Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli lines for upcoming shows in late September. I am afraid I did not finish my work on time so the last two nights have been spent designing and creating…

Now I can enjoy the quiet and happy holidays… sun… sea… music … new adventures await me …

Un bacino grande grande…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Lisa Hafey
    Lisa Hafey says:

    Fabulouso blog Roberto – so lovely to see you continuing to support John and Edward – their star is rising through the stratosphere. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you can come up with them, their brains are amazing places.

    Have a lovely August and I hope things will start looking up again for Italy in the remainder of 2012 and into 2013!

  2. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Buongiorno Roberto,leggere il suo blog è sempre un piacere,le auguro di trascorrere delle belle vacanze.Quanta bella gioventù che ha conosciuto in quest’ultimo mese,Zac Efron e i due gemelli Jedward:che capelli pazzeschi hanno!Sarà interessante vedere cosa creerà per loro.

  3. F.G.
    F.G. says:

    Buongiorno Mr Cavalli, Buona Vacanza A Lei, Mi faccio un po di vacanza in Copenhagen e Svezia ci sentiamo,Tantissimi saluti da Frøydis(lo sai una cosa, quando non leggo il tuo blog da qualche giorni, mi sento che manca qualcosa, ). CIAO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. donatella.mansueto
    donatella.mansueto says:

    Luglio è il mese più bello ma dalle nostre parti è bello anche settembre x un giro in barca alle isole tremiti e gargano l’acqua è stupenda le consiglio la grotta zaiana che è anche un sito archeologico del neolitico posto che le piacerà senz’altro

  5. @theuptownstudio
    @theuptownstudio says:

    I have seen the movie, but have never read the book, Les Miserables. I’m still in the first part which covers the bishop and his kindness and compassion toward the poor and isn’t detailed in the movie as extensively. Your post reminds me of his concern for his fellow countrymen.

  6. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    Hai proprio ragione quando dici:
    “Questo governo di ricchi professori dovrebbe elaborare un sistema fiscale migliore e più equo, migliorare il sistema della contabilità pubblica in modo da permetterci di conoscere sempre la situazione finanziaria del paese e come poter aumentare le entrate fiscali in modo equo e tale da soddisfare i nostri obblighi. Non abbiamo paura di lavorare, vogliamo solo avere migliori possibilità di crescita per le nostre famiglie…”
    Come non essere completamente d’accordo??
    Ma cambiamo discorso…che è meglio!
    Luglio, grande mese (e ci credo, sono nato io! eheheh), quando andavo a scuola mi facevo 1 mese al mare con i miei genitori…ah….che bello!! 🙂
    Io sono ancora a lavoro (mancano 4 giorni e poi anche io partirò!) e qui a Firenze abbiamo temperature che si attestano sui 39-40 Gradi….un forno a cielo aperto! Speriamo piova o qui ci vendono tutti in rosticceria! 🙂
    In compenso la nostra Viola stà facendo grandi acquisti, e sò (me l’ha detto al telefono un “uccellino”….ehehe) che ancora non è finita….Roberto…ci divertiremo questo inverno!!!!!
    Divertiti in queste Vacanze, così a settembre tornerai carico più che mai! 🙂
    Un abbraccione!

  7. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Great Blog! And I am delighted to see that you are supporting John and Edward they appreciate it so much. They are amazing performers who are always judged too quickly by people who don’t understand them but it is great to know that they have people like you who understand them and support them. Thank you so much from all of John and Edward’s fans. X

  8. Katariina
    Katariina says:

    I’m so happy you met John and Edward, they truly are amazing two young men with hearts of pure gold and incredible amounts of talent and energy! I can’t wait to see what you could come up with them -only the sky would be the limit if you three worked together 🙂 Thank you for supporting them!

    I wish you happy holidays, greetings from Finland!


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