373. The Watch… Precise Instrument for measuring Time…

Roberto-Cavalli-Franck-Muller373. The Watch… Precise Instrument for measuring Time…

I have always had a passion for watches. These invaluable tools for the measurement of time have always fascinated me.

I’m a fan of mechanical watches, real jewels of high precision mechanical engineering, objects dedicated to the measurement of one of the most precious aspects of our lives… the time.

People have always been fascinated by time measurement, it is one of the keys to the way we convey our understanding of the entire universe. We measure the time it takes for light to travel from one point to another.

Our watch has become our daily companion with which we measure the passage of minutes, hours… it tell us how much time we must wait until that long-anticipated event…

Sometimes I wish I could have a button that would allow me to slow down the flow of time, and another button that would allow me to speed it up and make the long hours last only few minutes!

Tempus fugit, time flies and seems to fly especially quickly when we are in good company and enjoying ourselves…

Four years ago I started a collaboration with Franck Muller, the leading manufacturer of precious watches, masterpieces in the best Swiss tradition.

I have always been an admirer and collector of Franck Muller watches and I was very happy to start a collaboration that has introduced me to such a fascinating world.

The new collection I designed for Franck Muller incorporates the most important and iconic elements of my fashion, a fusion between technology, style, creativity and fashion.

Time is the most precious resource that all of us possess!


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    GORGEOUS JEWELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The red one is my favorite. BUT the blue, the black and the golden watches could also BE PART OF A ROYAL COLLECTION OF WATCHES. The spheres are authentic jewels. One of the two watches you gave me -one was sent to me by Rachele- is also a JEWEL. OLÉ Y OLÉ FOR ROBERTO CAVALLI AND FRANCK MULLER!!!!!!!

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