420. Cavalli Island, my Homage to Nature…

Roberto Cavalli420. Cavalli Island, my Homage to Nature…

We are anxiously waiting for Queen, our mare, to give birth to her new foal.  What a joy that will be for all of us.    

A new and welcome member of the family and our first citizen to be born and raised on Cavalli Island!

Nature once again manages to enchant me and to give me the joy of living on this wonderful planet…!

The joy of a new life… the ability to create life… often we do not realize how much magic is contained in each new birth…

The gestation of a mare lasts about eleven months.  The colt has the ability to stand up and run shortly after it is born.   Its very survival in the wild depends on it.  A horse is an adult at the age of five years.

I’ve always loved horses and recently toured the island on horseback.   We have our own stable in which our animals are well looked after.  

Nature continues to inspire me… my art, my clothes. Subtly changing seasonal colours have provided the palettes nuanced by an early Spring, a nip of frost or a lingering Indian Summer carrying us into a early Winter storm.  My memories and photos allow me to recreate back in my studio what I have experienced in the field.  This is the way so many of the ancients painted.   I have learned from them and it has served me well.

With Cavalli Island I wanted to return Nature’s favour and create an oasis, a little paradise on earth, where Nature can indulge itself without threat and show us what it can do when left to its own devices.  

My vision is an island populated with animals of all kinds, birds that stay with us year round as well as those that pass by fleetingly on their migrations.  Trees, plants and flowers each with the colours and scents that bring to mind our travels around the world…

In this part of the hemisphere Spring is coming and this is the most beautiful time of year… a unique spectacle, perfection honed over millions of years…

We must rediscover our natural instinct to observe now dormant from living a digital life.  We have to go out and rediscover the pleasure of a walk: the sights, sounds and scents… the perfection of creation.

It is a gift that often, too often, we neglect…


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