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441. Merry Christmas…

Roberto Cavalli441. Merry Christmas…

It’s Christmas once again and this year, as always, everybody is getting ready for a traditional heartfelt celebration…

Each year history repeats itself… you get back from Summer vacation, you get cuddled by Autumn and, just as you are getting used to the warmth of the wood fire and the smell of roasted chestnuts, suddenly it is Christmas…

On December 1st we decorate the tree, the lights start to glow with their festive colours and Christmas is in the air…

I love the Christmas markets… it is a tradition that belongs to Northern Europe and became very popular throughout Italy. If you go to Sweden you must visit their Christmas markets, they are magical… I can spend hours wandering through them.

When I was a young boy we use to wait for The Befana, an old witch on a broomstick, to bring us gifts on January 6th. One day my grandfather told me that the Befana did not exist! I did not know whether to believe him or not. Or maybe I just didn’t want to. He had broken my dream. I rebelled and began to scream but he thought that it was time for me to grow up “You’re a grown up… now you are a man!” he screamed louder than my cries. I was only five years old.  Even the most beautiful dreams come to an end…

But Christmas retains its magical atmosphere for me and I still enjoy its enchantment as I watch the joy in my grandchildren’s eyes.  I share with them the joy of anticipation… I go back to being a child once again even if only for a few moments.

And these are the moments for which I wait with eager anticipation every year… the time when we are all together… these are precious moments that I wish will never end…

Then everyone returns to the hectic everyday life until, once again, you find yourself thinking how far away next Christmas is…

I wish you a peaceful Christmas in the company of your family, the people you love… because they are the most precious part of our lives!

I wish I could hug everyone, all together… Best wishes to all of you with all my heart, Season’s Greetings!


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440. A Birthday with the Angels!

rc-birthday440. A Birthday with the Angels!

Every birthday is special, but this year I celebrated a very special birthday… my children and grandchildren have literally surrounded and overwhelmed me with all their affection!

I want to thank you all for the nice messages I received! It took me a while to read them all but it was very pleasant reading… thank you!

The years pass by, they pass for all of us and leave the inexorable signs of their passage… but they are not always a bad thing… in fact, quite often they are a great life teacher!

How many things have I learned over time, how many life experiences have I had?  Sometimes I think it would be wonderful if we could transfer our experiences, our knowledge to our children, to our grandchildren as we transfer photos from one computer to another…

But maybe not, maybe we all need to build our own lives through our own experiences, our own mistakes, our own successes using the free will God so kindly gave us.

We should all discover the artist within us… because we are all artist, each and every one of us.  The difference lies only in the fact that we do not all have the perseverance to try, to experiment and discover our talents. Never stop trying, failures are part of life. Success stories are full of failures. How many times in my life have I started from scratch… how many times have I searched and found the way to solve seemingly impossible situations?

And that’s what I want to transfer to my children, to my grandchildren and to all of you… never stop believing in yourselves and in your abilities because this is the path for each of you to follow to create your own way in this great adventure that will be your life!

Discover the artist within you… look around and learn from nature. It has millions of years of experience…

Do not ever stop studying and learning new things. What today may seem unnecessary one day will help you solve a problem.

Surround yourself with love, because love will be the beacon of your life.


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Roberto Cavalli

439. Music and adrenaline were our drugs…

rc-350x350439. Music and adrenaline were our drugs…

Late in the 1950s, there were no discos. Young people would meet on a Saturday afternoon or at a birthday party at somebody’s place.

There came the idea of renting a place on a Saturday afternoon to give all the students the possibility of getting together, getting to know one another and making whoopee without being scolded by the parents who had allowed the party in their house.

I got in touch with the owner of a club, “Chalet I Tigli”, which was only open at night. Mr Boni was impressed by my initiative and he said he was available to make my dream come true! Another stroke of luck! Riccardo knew how much the young people loved the world of music and what we had to give them. We agreed he would be responsible for the band and I would take care of the rest. The hours were from 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm. Entrance fee, including a drink: 150 liras!

I would look for clients in Florence’s schools. In a short time, I had already put together a group of sixty students from different schools who sold tickets and kept a part of the profits for themselves. I was young and I still didn’t have a driving licence. We drove around Florence In a FIAT 500 car owned by some older boys and through a loudspeaker shouted things like “GIANREPARI JUST BACK FROM THEIR AMERICAN TOUR…” or something else, just to attract new people.

Every Saturday I invented a new event, especially competitions to get everybody involved. Rock and roll, hula-hoop and many others. I spent half of the time at the entrance greeting guests as they arrived as good host should. That way, I could also count how many people joined us and, since I knew our costs, I knew that after a certain number of guests it was all profit! I eventually breathed a sigh of relief and joined the others. I liked dancing a lot, especially Rock and Roll.

I had a friend who became my dancing-partner and we would dance like professionals, heads up, legs down! Everybody stopped dancing and gathered around us clapping: I loved being admired! It thrilled me!

It was marvellous seeing young people having fun without using drugs or alcoholic drinks…

Music and adrenaline were our drugs!


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