225. Passion for art, love of nature and devotion to color…

Roberto Cavalli225. Passion for art, love of nature and devotion to color…

I decided to create this blog so that I would have a direct line to all of you, without filters, without any intermediaries… I want to be able to convey my emotions, to share the many events that have made my life… a great adventure!

I receive many requests from young people who want to become designers… enter the fantastic world of fashion… create dream dresses… convey their emotions through their art.

The first tip I want to give you is to study art, art history… the great painters… the sculptors… the artistic evolution is a journey taken by the great artists of all time…

Technology is your best friend… I’ve always been fascinated by computers and the enormous possibilities that computer graphics could offer to my creativity… endless colors… graphic simulations of the models… execution speed and full virtualization of my ideas…

Never be afraid to innovate… fashion is creativity, innovation… combine art and technology… discover the endless possibilities that will allow you to create without limits…

My great love for women and their femininity inspired me to create clothes that enhance the natural beauty of every woman… do not be swayed by those who would like women to be dressed as men…

The most common question I get asked at every interview? “Where do I get my inspiration…” From the greatest artist of all time… GOD! Who created this wonderful world… I look around me, admire creation and I find my inspiration… the perfect forms of nature and their intoxicating colors and are my biggest sources of inspiration!

In the course of my life I learned French, English, German and a little Swedish… but my fashion allows me to speak in any language.

Fashion is a universal language that uses shapes and colors to say what words cannot say…

Un grande abbraccio…


Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Florence Headquarter

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  1. yana
    yana says:

    la Natura é la fonte di ispirazione principale per tutto e tutti ma ognuno la vede ed interpreta in modo diverso… ed é per questo che oltre alla natura la mia fonte di ispirazione preferita é il modo in cui la “filtra”

  2. Joreillie Rosado Ruiz
    Joreillie Rosado Ruiz says:

    Caro signor Roberto Cavalli:
    Il mio nome è Joreillie e sono una studentessa dell’ accademia Serrant in Porto Rico, dove sto studiando disegno di moda e alta costura. Mi è stato assegnato cercare informazione della sua vita, lavoro e opere. Mi piacerebbe sapere quale evento nella sua vita l’ha aiutato a scoprire che questo lavoro è la sua vocazione. Anche quali furono i suoi primi passi per cominciare la sua professione. Saremmo davvero onorati della sua presenza nella nostra isola dell’incanto Porto Rico, dove le assicuro che troverebbe molta più della creazione di Dio che lo ispirerebbe. Se non fosse possibile la inviterei a scriverci una lettera per realizzarci a motivare i npostri sogni. Spero di ricevere una risposta il prima possibile.
    Con ammirazione:
    Joreillie Rosado Ruiz

  3. Jo D
    Jo D says:

    Roberto Cavalli PLEASE RESPOND to our emails and messages, have some respect for Australians and send our Just Cavalli fragrance prizes from the competition and acknowledge our questions. We contact you through the contact page and no reply,no reply to posts on Facebook and I replied to my winners email and then it bounces back as undeliverable. NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR YOUR BRAND.

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