375. Young Loves…

Roberto Cavalli375. Young Loves…

I didn’t like school so much. However, being appreciated by the girls helped to make my academic challenges more palatable.

I liked to have a good appearance, to dress well. I liked to be admired for my looks. Playing with the few clothes that my mother could afford, I was able, with a little fantasy and personality, to cut quite a dashing figure!

I was getting up early in the morning and preparing the clothes I was going to wear to school, I was ironing the creases in my trousers and the shirt collar. I had learned to tie every knot in my tie. Maybe I was trying to mask the stuttering with a particular look. I didn’t want my mother to discover this silly weakness. I remember that during a parent-teacher meeting, the professor said: “If his studying leaves much to be desired, in terms of elegance he is definitely the top of the class!”

I had taken a great fancy to Gabriella Orvieto, a girl sitting in the front row. She had large beautiful eyes as dark as her apron and short brown hair with a delicious fringe. She wore long white socks with loafers. I spent entire hours of lessons looking at her, not paying attention to the teacher. Result: I failed the sixth grade! So I had to repeat the year.

My heart had to be always on the move and so I fell soon in love with another schoolmate, she wasn’t in my class: Paola Baldesi. Long mid-back hair, she wore wide skirts with the hemline just below her elegant knees, a micro pullover that revealed her young breasts, a belt tied at the waist and a ballerina’s flat shoes. With incredible grace, she carried her books under her arms. They were tied with elastic straps, as was the custom at the time. I could not describe the tone of her voice because I never had the courage to speak to her. I was just looking at her in the hope she would feel how much I liked her.

After school, she used to take the bus in the Piazza del Duomo. I knew at what time her classes ended and at what time she went to take the bus. So I knew all her habits, and it was easy to follow her. On the bus she liked to look out of the window while I looked at her.

I left the bus with her at the bus stop in via Toselli, I followed her with my eyes until she disappeared behind the door of her house in Via Galliano. I’ve never introduce myself to her. My shyness was limitless!


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