416. Collections, fashion shows, photo shoots and interviews…

Roberto Cavalli416. Collections, fashion shows, photo shoots and interviews…

Collections, fashion shows, photo shoots and interviews with the most important newspapers in the world! Time runs out too quickly.  We always had an impossible goal to reach and then had to do better.  That climb, that ascent, that final reach for the top is so difficult while falling down is all too easy.  You feel the judgments, the compliments and flattery.  They help you to give you the energy to charge ahead but they also create the fear of disappointing expectations!

My long experience had taught me that the slightest mistake can be fatal!  Ever since I created my first collection I always wanted a high artistic content to be present in Cavalli fashion.  This revealed my love for art that I developed from a young age.

I spent my days working on the photos I had taken on more than a thousand occasions. My choices also depended on the mood we wanted to give to the collection.  I loved especially any ideas that I could borrow from nature. The way God has dressed animals in their own mantle has always been something that I have to design in all my collection.

Nature, as revealed in flowers, is my favorite.  I have travelled the world far and wide to see and photograph flowers as they blossom.  I own thousands of photos of the most beautiful orchids in the world.  I learned of a great world exhibition of orchids in Colombia and I managed to get a special permit to go and take pictures of them.

Roses remain for me the most fascinating of flowers.  My garden is full of them!  The simplest qualities are often the most beautiful, because they are the most natural, the least sophisticated!  I like to photograph them when they bud, or when they begin to lose their freshness, after the first rains, when the raindrops slide off the petals as though unwilling to leave.

In New York, I visited one of the most important exhibitions of roses in the world and from so many of my photos I created many, many collections.  Sometimes I thought that I would love to write on every dress the natural origin and the feeling aroused in me at the time I captured the picture for my collection!


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  1. Alvuela Franco
    Alvuela Franco says:

    L’orchidea è sofisticata, la rosa esprime romanticismo. Ogni fiore come un’opera d’arte suscita emozioni diverse. Adoro interpretare le collezioni primaverili perchè ogni stilista propone sempre qualcosa di nuovo. Trovo sia stato geniale mixare l’interno puntinato dell’orchidea al maculato del manto degli animali. Le stampe che propone sono un vero e proprio stargate di lussureggiante flora e grintosa fauna, un connubio magico che esalta la bellezza della natura. Lei ha la capacità di descrivere attraverso immagini idilliache mete esotiche, per me lontanissime e di farle vivere sulla pelle, attraverso il tessuto delle sue creazioni alle donne più belle del mondo.

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