56. I Am Afraid that I Am Going to Grow Wings…

Roberto Cavalli with Hind El Achchabi

Roberto Cavalli with Hind El Achchabi

56. I am afraid that I am going to grow wings…
I seem to spend more in the air than on earth. One of my fans, a rich, beautiful Moroccan woman, definitely one of my best customers in Paris and New York, is so infatuated by my fashion that she decided to open a Roberto Cavalli boutique in Casablanca, her hometown.

I am leaving tomorrow for Morocco to attend the big party for the grand opening of the new store in Casablanca. The beautiful and wealthy lady has sent her private jet to collect me in Florence.
Three hours of flight and a small crowd of photographers are waiting for me upon my arrival. I was driven to the hotel in a luxurious Rolls Royce. Time for a shower… put on more elegant pants than my customary Jeans… off to the boutique to meet with journalists and television…

Fatigue starting to take over… must maintain my enthusiasm at being in Morocco… keep smiling… show my real pleasure at opening this new boutique… show my sincerity when I say these fashions were created with the charm and beauty of Moroccan ladies in mind!

People pose for photographs with me and compliment me on my fashion and creativity. The boutique is exceptional.
Although this is my first trip to Casablanca, having already thought about the concept, the style, design and decor of the boutique helped me understand the city in its various aspects. I already knew my neighbors, the habits of the wealthy and beautiful ladies in town!

After all the interviews with journalists and Arab television i entered the “big party”. A young DJ plays light music… two beautiful young Moroccan ladies wearing a Cavalli gowns that wrap their provocative forms appear… singing Arabic songs… beautiful voices… gently gyrating… belly dancer… soft… sensual… fun! I am grabbed, acclaimed, touched. Two bodyguards protect me and accompany me to somewhere more secure.

“A photo, please…!” There is an exhibit… an ice sculpture… a room full of ice… a bar… lounge chairs… everything in ice such as the famous hotel in Sweden, “Ice Hotel”. Hundreds of bottles of CAVALLI VODKA complete its decoration. I ask for a couch so that those who wish to come closer can do so. My purpose is to promote… to let people hear me and let me hear them…

I danced… I made a speech… I had a good time… I did not drink to stayed sober… ready for any eventuality…

It’s 1a.m.… off to the airport… a plane to Marrakech… travel now… full free day in magic Marrakech tomorrow … Marrakech is magic… I have wonderful memories of Marrakech…

I will let you in on my every emotion…

A domani con un grande bacino

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Larry Tala
    Larry Tala says:

    Good morning Mr Cavalli,
    Well hope you enjoy your stay in morocco. It must be beautiful country. Make sure someone opens your boutique in Foxwoods Casino. I have to go to Vegas or NY for shopping. also more new Gym collection for the summer….Tell the wealthy lady…I am available to her friendship.

  2. Alicia Bryan
    Alicia Bryan says:


    You have a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart… so warm, kind and gracious. Such a pleasure reading your blog. Thank you, for opening a window into your life and sharing an inside view… You bring a ray of sunshine with every post.

  3. loubna
    loubna says:

    E’ sempre stato il mio preferito…..e poi adesso che apre a Casablanca….io che sono marocchina…è magnifico!…….Vi può servire una italo-marocchina nello staff? hihihihihihi…..cosi realizzo un altro sogno.

  4. Mozeck
    Mozeck says:

    Hello Dear Roberto,

    I am very very happy that there is a man in this business with passion to create goodies for women. It is just that I am little bit skeptical about your dress sizes which doesnt reflect “real” women.
    Well, I am sorry but after giving birth I couldnt maintain my weight and I am sorry for not being able to wear CAVALLI signature…

    Hope you are willing to solve this issue for mamas 🙂

    Thanks and big kisses from Turkey!

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