55. Good Morning to All!

55. Good morning to all!
I open the door to my office, I shall try to describe it for you, to share more of my life. My desk is a large marble table. It is not easy to describe what is on the table and you will appreciate this when you are looking at the pictures! Small objects with a sentimental value…

Roberto Cavalli - the office
On the one hand, a Liberty lamp that I bought in Paris 40 years ago… Many paintings, not hanging, but on the floor leaning against the wall along with a number of my photos … a coffee table full of fashion magazines… so many! A sofa upholstered in black cloth with a crocodile print…

On the opposite side a racing bicycle, a gift from Mario Cipollini. Over the bicycle is the zebra print jersey I designed for him, which he wore when he won the world championship. A few days after this big win, Mario came to me with these magnificent gifts… “Roberto, you brought me luck!”

So many things… may seem confusing… but if anyone moves one I notice immediately! A world in a room!

The Black Room
From my office I can go directly to the design studio, also known as “la stanza nera”, “the black room” on account of the color of the black floor tiles. Five girls work with me in a quest to find designs to print on textiles. Those fabrics will then become the dresses that you love so much. Both those who design by hand and those who design by computer are constantly looking for new effects.

From the design studio you can go directly to the Stamperia, the printing room. When you open that door, the smell of textile dyes assails you, for me it’s a perfume, an aroma that has accompanied me on my journey through fashion. I helped open that door!
To describe the process for printing on fabric is not easy. It will be the subject of a forthcoming article on the blog. I will cover it fully at a more suitable time.

La Stamperia
I greet everybody… a quick look, maybe too quick and I reach the style office, the Heart of the House! Eva is surrounded by the designers. They are talking of setting the new advertising campaign… the models… the photographer… the setting…
On these matters I invariably disagree with everybody. I would like to find new ideas, new solutions, new images that will impact the imagination… different from those that fill the fashion magazines..!

The big name photographers, very expensive… known only by those in the fashion industry… I like to discover new talent! In the end they manage to convince me that, to some extent, I must submit to the system…

I like to create a fashion for women who love me, because they know the esteem I feel for them.

This a part of my life at the fabbrica, where dreams became reality, along with some of my thoughts…
I hope I was able to convey a feeling for it to you…

Un bacino grande…

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Frøydis Gambino
    Frøydis Gambino says:

    Buon giorno ,che meraviglia,amo i colori, sara una favola di vivere con tutti qeste colori e bellissime tessuti.belle foto!!!!!!!!!!!!! salure Frøydis

  2. Francesca
    Francesca says:

    Cavolo !! Che bell’arredamento, bei colori e bellissimo ufficio. Deve essere stupendo poter andare al lavoro ogni volta con piacere e con il sorriso sul viso, è un sogno di tutti ed è quello che spero di poter fare anch’io un giorno. Quando si fanno le cose con passione i bei risultati arrivano e si vedono!…

    Buon lavoro e tanti baci 🙂

  3. yana
    yana says:

    CHE MERAVIGLIA……. un giorno vi manderó il mio curriculum… potrei temperare le matite… lucidare le scarpe… mettermi con un ventaglio enorme (hmmm… piume di pavone?:)) dietro le ragazze al computer se si guasta il condizionatore…:))))

  4. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Cavalli!!!
    E’ veramente un bell’ambiente….sì sì! 🙂
    E la bicicletta di Cipollini…anche lui un grande sponsorizzato da un grande!!
    Cavalli sei sempre il NUMBER ONE!!! 🙂
    Un abbraccio


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