121. August First 2012…

Bat-Zodiac121. August First 2012…

August First 2012, as always I am in the helicopter but this time I am not piloting, I’m too tired, I am sitting in the back enjoying the “panorama”. This is a good time to write my new post for the Blog!

Friday we will go to Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, my Freedom (the Bat-zodiac) is waiting for me to begin the long awaited holidays…

The next weekend I want to go to Cavallo Island… Rachele has rented a nice apartment right on the beach and I want to spend some time swimming with my three granddaughters!

(A) Porto Rotondo (B) Cavallo Island (C) Sardinia Half way (D) Maiorca (E)Ibiza

(A) Porto Rotondo (B) Cavallo Island (C) Sardinia Half way (D) Maiorca (E)Ibiza

Then, if the sea conditions are right, I shall head south from Cavallo Island towards Sardinia and then westwards to the Balearic Islands. The first stop will be Mallorca and then Ibiza!

IT WILL BE A LONG JOURNEY… AN ODYSSEY… A NEW ADVENTURE! Many friends are waiting for me and I cannot disappoint them…

Roberto Cavalli
I will relate my adventures to you as I go and you will be with me all summer.

I started this post talking about August first… How many wonderful childhood memories… my mother used to rent a small house for the entire month and I always waited anxiously for August to come…
I remember when I learned to swim at Bocca di Magra… I think I was 6 years old… the first dance on a terrace turned into a nightclub… in Lerici near La Spezia…

The first kiss… during a slow dance with the melodic music of Peppino di Capri in the background… I dreamed that those days would never end… returning to Florence meant returning to school… I hated school… it meant another winter… it meant having to wait 11 long months until next August 1st!

Nokia-9210I’m writing on my Nokia Communicator, my vintage phone. For me this is a unique device! I do not understand why Nokia has never made a new version. One day I will tell you of the special advantages of the Nokia 9210 that give it such a special appeal to this day.

Lupo is next to me… he is restless… he can’t find a comfortable position… he certainly understands that in a few minutes he will see his “small” girl friend, Rosa, again.

Dear friends, we’ll talk tomorrow…

Un bacio grande!

Roberto Cavalli

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Grande Roberto!!
    Finalmente sono arrivate le tanto agognate vacanze….Godietele tutte, perchè te lo strameriti !!
    Io ho un’altra settimana, arrivo all’11 Agosto e poi anche io parto, e rientro il 3 settembre 🙂
    Nel frattempo la nostra viola stà iniziando a stupirci….!! Della Valle ha aperto la cassaforte, ed ha iniziato a comprare diversi giocatori buoni….chi lo sà….magari questo inverno le nostre domeniche non saranno così amare…..speriamo!!!
    Ti saluto, e ti aguro buon viaggio.
    Aggiornarci via via sulle tue vacanze!! 🙂
    Un Abbraccio


  2. AnnaSofi
    AnnaSofi says:

    Mr. Cavalli you have fabulous plans for the weekend!!! Have a great time!!! Thank you for sharing the video.. Love it!!




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