324. A Father’s Pride…

Cristiana and Roberto Cavalli c324. A Father’s Pride…

To accompany your daughter to the altar on her wedding day is unlike any other experience you have ever had or even imagined. You are churning with emotion! It is overwhelming!

In that brief walk, in those few moments, the happy times we spent together flash before my eyes… her first days of life… the first words… the first steps… the first day of school… the first love…

Many relatives… many friends… the music… the solemnity of the event… a whirlwind of emotions!

Suddenly you realize that today officially ends a chapter in the big book of life. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in your daughter’s life and in yours…

I am happy, more happy than I can say!

My daughter Cristiana is beautiful… radiant!

Cristiana and Francesco… husband and wife… today!

I wish I had spent more time with Cristiana when she was growing up… I was always traveling around the world so busy with my work… but she has always understood… Our summer holidays were entirely dedicated to us, to our boat trips, Cristiana, Tommaso, Lupo and myself… Now I jealously keep those memories of great, unique and unforgettable moments together…

Today is a special day for my baby. Yes, I know she is a woman now but for me she is and she always will be my baby! A father is always a father.

Thank you Cristiana for all the joy you have given me and will continue to give me. I am, as I have always been, proud of you!

A big kiss to all brides in the world…


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  1. Maia
    Maia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Cristiana!!! You seem to be very special, like Tommaso! But your sister, and the rest of your brothers also seem very special. I met Daniele when he had long hair and was very much into music. He made a very good impression on me, and so did Rachele.

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