125. Sardinia is Wonderful!

Cristiana Cavalli with Gabriele

Cristiana Cavalli with Gabriele

125. Sardinia is Wonderful!

After Cavallo we spent the evening in Porto Rotondo. We found a restaurant-pizzeria that I can really recommend.

“Il Tartarughino”… meeting place for young people… loud music… big screen… broadcasting the Olympics…

The next morning we left early heading towards Oristano, precisely, to the “Torre dei Corsari” [Corsairs’ Tower]!

Cristiana, my first daughter, is there for her summer holidays with her partner Francesco and their son Gabriele, an angel of goodness and beauty with a head full of blond curls… Gabriele is my first male grandchild… after six beautiful girls!

I knew that there were other people in Torre dei Corsari, but I had not imagined they had already created a summer community… I did not expect such a fantastic welcome. Francesca and Lucilla, my sister Lietta’s daughters, there with their husbands and children. Their friend Michele with his beautiful partner, several cousins and many friends.

Michele’s parents bought this farmhouse not far from the beach, many years ago. Every year the whole family and friends gather to spend the holidays together. Many children, each year fewer children as they grow into adults, I don’t see them very often and it makes me realize how quickly time passes…

Everyone was happy to see me. I have been so deeply engaged in my work that from the outside I may appear grumpy and aloof to these very feelings that have been such an important part of my childhood… I spent two quiet days and I got pampered by their sincere love and by the many happy memories they brought back to me…

It is a long time since I lived such sincere and happy evenings away from the superficiality that is too often a part of my life!

9 Kg umbrinaWe bought so many lobsters and someone had the good fortune to catch a nine kilo umbrine!

When the umbrine was presented at the table, surrounded by twelve kilo of salt, there was a general ovation… Delicious…!

The sea around Sardinia has always appeared to me like a magical vision… but like most of the “rich” I only knew the Costa Smeralda… as a beautiful place, transformed into a place where to “appear”. The big boats that crowd the harbor are not there to enjoy the beauties that Sardinia has to offer… so much as to see and be seen…!

Even Lupo is happy and tranquil… he spends his time playing and flirting with a small white dog, a very sexy one!

Tomorrow morning we shall begin the great journey that will take us to Ibiza, the first island we shall encounter will be Menorca… then Majorca. I plan to be in Ibiza by the 14th.

We are awaiting the birth of Rosa’s puppies… we await them as if they were our grandchildren!

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Un bacino a tutti…

Roberto Cavalli

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    Maria Grazia says:

    Questa é la vita che vale la pena di vivere… con Amici…in Famiglia… e con tanta Allegria!!!!!!
    …se ci sono le Aragoste,si gusta anche meglio!!!! <3 😀

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